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Rose about medical you teddy a United they knew each other you know so to that teddy Roosevelt road when the letters of recommendation Wesley himself says that Charles Thorley the floor is this father what worked for was probably the most influential person he was a he was at a wielded power Tammany Hall and he was able to say you know this is going to happen this guy's eligible he's a good character his father good character let's not make waves here you know and and it happened he became Mets first black firemen and when he became an officer three successive promotions he was the first black officer in the fire department as lieutenant later as captain and then his battalion chief you describe Williams as part of the central nervous system of the Harlem Renaissance yeah how so well you know a lot of these young men who are working these jobs to defray their school costs they're actually going to school in their state that will make it them the movers and shakers of this story era Lester Granger is one of them he's he's studying is a social worker he becomes head of the national urban league many then flew into and recap start organizing along the lines of the Pullman porters Broadway star Richard Huey he's one of the work in this black actors on Broadway of from Porgy before it's big Porgy Bess Abraham's bosom to get that job when he's it's a Pulitzer Prize winning a play when he's working as a red cap and we did one higher actually but he happened to have a letter at his disposal from W. E. B. the boys did yeah but he always look back he said you know this was a move up when I got this job is a red cap you know so these were people you know and this was in nineteen twenty five when he comes is so this is sort of the height of when the Harlem Renaissance is being called that being label that all eyes are on Harlem so in that sense Williams is really key and plus he's keyed into all of the earlier generation who are the progenitors of the generation of young people who are making names for themselves during the Harlem Renaissance so he's all he's part of that radar yeah the name of the book is boss of the grips the life of James H. Williams and the red caps of Grand Central Terminal thank you so much for coming in thank you Sarah Washington I can't wait I'm going to meet somebody Grand Central is afternoon gonna bring the guy I appreciated having holidays to you happy thanksgiving happy holidays thank.

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