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Much from the trio of Bryant result and bias. It's been he had half that's led the way for them. Yeah, very exciting, former first round pick for the Cubs talented player. None of us would have thought that he'd be the guy that I think on the flip side for the ST Louis Cardinals, who would've thought Brad Miller would be there. No doubt about it. Cubs take the field and we'll give it a starting line ups. They're presented to you by Cintas. More than one million businesses trust sent us to help them stay clean and safe, Lernout. They can get your business ready. Att cintas dot com sent us ready for the workday for Mike Chilton and the Cardinals will be told Long lead off a second. Tommy Edmund bat second play third base. Paul Goldschmidt is in the third spot is in first base. All the young Will play shortstop, He'll clean it up and deal. Is in left field and he will run hell. Rabello do the d H ing and he will hit the six spot. Batting seventh catcher is gotta hear Molina late, Thomas. Will hit eight and play right field in Harrison Badir. Is in Centre Field will fat night. Meanwhile, for the Cubs, it's Ian half leading off center Kris Bryant that second th Anthony Rizzo, the first spaceman. It's third bias is the shortstop, He'll clean it up. Is in left field, and he will back 56 spots. The catcher Wilson Contreras, Jason Heyward, having a very good year he had seven right field. David Brody at third base. We live eight Vatican second basement. It is Jason Kidd. So we mentioned Jon Lester at 36 years old. He's in the final year that six year deal He signed with the Cubs prior to the 2015 season 155 million and he has been worth every penny, of course. The Cubs break the curse and with it all in 2016, but overall Lester's last four starts It has been ugly at 8 55 E R. A single roll. June 1. 5 11 year on run average and contact great hitters are making contact 85% of their swings. That's the highest rate among starting pitchers in the National League,.

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