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S. army is putting a hold on new recruits arriving at Fort Sill for basic combat training the army calls it a tactical pause those already in basic training and advanced job specific courses will continue training under screening and monitoring guidelines established last month and will go to their next assignment after they graduate three hundred fifty Halliburton employees are losing their jobs in Duncan it's at the field operations center Albertan officials said the layoffs probably will be permanent but the company plans to keep its business location in Duncan open for now the state legislature voted Monday to withdraw money from state reserve accounts to fill the budget hole caused by the covert nineteen slowdown senator Roger Thompson of okina says it avoids budget cuts and protects core services our number one priority right now is mature as health care and that health care is going to be taken care of for the state and we have a lot of federal money that's coming in to help offset that but we're looking to to make sure that health care starting Carol Thompson is the chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee house speaker Charles McCall says we are keeping government functional I'm Marco Moreno in other news nearly six hundred Hillcrest healthcare system employees are losing their jobs because of the corona virus make a bishop reports the Tulsa based companies says that's about nine percent of its work force company went on to say it's shifting away from handling non emergency medical issues so Chris has eight ounce bottles with three in Tulsa one each in clear more Cushing Henrietta prior and Alonso they provide comprehensive primary and specialty care through the Utica park clinic in Oklahoma heart institute in order went into effect at midnight and got three that requires residents to wear cloth face masks in public to help stop the spread of covert nineteen the city says don't buy medical masks they are needed for health care providers they say the face coverings aren't primarily to protect the wearer but instead to protect the wearer from accidentally infecting others because many infected people take a long time to develop symptoms are never do I'm Marco Moreno.

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