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Tell us what's going to happen to the best of their ability. I forgot to mention this. We're talking about the the Packers bears. Remember that guy? Russell beckmann. He's he's Mount Pleasant who sued the bears because they wouldn't let them wear his green and golden the sidelines a Soldier Field while he'd lost. The judge yesterday in the in Chicago denied a request by Russell Beckmann to wear Packers. It's higher on the sidelines. He has bear season tickets and Packers season. Tickets lucky guy. Apparently, he didn't make his case that he would be harmed or suffer. Irreparable harm by not wearing his Packers gear. So Russell Beckmann. I don't know if he's still planning to go on the field that you're on the green and gold, but you're not gonna be able to wear his green and gold and for the bears. I don't know how petty is that that seems I've been at lambofield I've been lucky I've been on the sidelines. A couple of times and walking around the field. I've seen other teams gear. And I don't know the Packers organization would would go so far as to ask that that be removed. It's it's life in the new world. Right. There's people even at even when the Packers let's say the Packers of paying bears at Lambeau Field. I will guarantee you that in my clubs such there'll be a guy wearing a Vikings jersey because he's always around or some guy wearing some other jersey. Dolphins is one I see a lot. They have their allegiances they show up because they're football fans. Do I care not really we notice them because they're wearing a jersey of one of the two teams that are that are that are not not playing that day. But it's just an odd thing. But Russell Beckmann, the the guy Mount Pleasant Wisconsin lost his court case. We'll see what happens on Sunday at Soldier Field. All right. So this one I heard g. Gene, and Debbie Logica talking about it. And then somebody who lives on the southside of Milwaukee county. No creek, I know that there's a lot of road construction on I ninety four south of Milwaukee county. And my question is. So I talked to Debbie lousy about this this morning and the reality is just about eleven mile stretch where they've narrowed it down to two lanes. I asked her if if the lanes are narrower, she said, no. And this is all part of this reconstruction, some of its Foxconn related some of it's just the fact that that part of the of the freeway system needed to be reconstructed with new side roads. And all of those things wider were expensive freeway system is good for the economy in the state of Wisconsin good for travel and tourism and all that stuff. But the difference here is that for eleven miles. There's no way to bail out. There's no way to kind of get out of that mess. And if somebody has a breakdown, there's an accident. You're kind of all stuck and as we've seen over the course of the last month's that's a pretty common story. Now, they're telling us the DOT that there's not an increase in incidents that happened some deadly incident incidents out there as well. But I thought it opened the phone lines. Just just ask what are you seeing out there? And what do you think of this project? Now, I'm a fan of freeway construction..

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