Terry Ohio, Frisk, Supreme Court discussed on 5-4



Terry outtake. Hey everyone I'm Leon. Faulk CO creator of slow-burn and fiasco on today's episode of five to four. Peter Reaction and Michael Moore talking about Terry Ohio. A case that clear path to the police tactic we all know is stop and Frisk intended to be a quick check to identify hidden. Weapons or contraband. It's known as stop-and-frisk but communities of color say targets many and unfairly at that you're not Tober of nineteen sixty three a police officer in Cleveland. Ohio saw two men walking back and forth past a storefront in a manner. He found suspicious so he approached them. Patted them down and discovered they had guns when the men were prosecuted for carrying concealed. Weapons defense lawyer argued that the stop and Frisk had been illegal but in nineteen sixty eight. The Supreme Court ruled at the officers. Actions did not violate the fourth amendment. This is five to four podcast about how much the Supreme Court sucks..

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