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And I heart radio station showers and thunderstorms likely before one this morning and slight chance of showers between one and three. AM mostly cloudy with a low sixty four overnight a chance of. Showers and thunderstorms tomorrow mostly cloudy and seventy eight a chance of more rain tomorrow night. Sixty six for your low and. Rain is possible on Tuesday and Wednesday high on Tuesday eighty to eighty five for the high, on Wednesday right now We have. Seventy five degrees no showers on radar in the immediate Cincinnati area right now some few showers, popping up in outlying areas the Ohio State patrol has corrected an earlier news release about a. Fatal accident in Wilmington this morning police now say one person not two people died in that wreck on airborne road near state route. One thirty four debt is twenty seven year old Janssen nays and twenty six year old Olivia Murray did, not die as first reported but is, in critical condition tonight both were, injected from an SUV when it overturned about ten thirty this morning a homeless camp in downtown Cincinnati will be vacated a day earlier than requested by the city a homeless advocate says they will be out on. Tuesday instead of Wednesday and that homeless people will be able to move to a new camp outside of the business district to the east of the current camp in golf Francesco Molinari has won the British Open tiger Woods finishing in a tie for sixth in the open and the reds have. Lost four in a.

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