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Here comes contamination and we are going to have a debate about what's more important protecting mars from arkham nation versus inhabiting another planetary body how about protecting us from mars contamination i mean if you're saying there's water there there's got to be 'bacterial i mean is it have to be but there probably is right now the known danger it's very unlikely that alien bacteria martian bacteria would know how to interact with our bodies probably wouldn't work that's not a real risk factor but yes thing the really known dangers right now for humans i would say the perk low rates are going to be the most pernicious problem yeah that's what those muppets that sing the manama song eat and they're up there somewhere to watch out for those guys that's there in lies a real challenge though per interaction with pork laureates or known impediment to thyroid function in humans what's perchlorate anyway a per chlorate is a naturally occurring compound caused by interaction of ultraviolet radiation against the soils okay okay and so it's but the problem is the compound acts much like dine and so it will interfere with your thyroid now it's easy and they do occur in certain parts of the world the atacama desert in chile which is very amount mars analogue also has some perchlorate you can you can fix them you can chemically react them out but you have to deal with that and you've got these fines on mars is very fine.

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Chile, Arkham, Atacama discussed on .NET Rocks!

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