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This is the bar Brian and Jeff Goodman podcast, NBA some college little bit of everything. You know, what can I say? But it wasn't going to happen here with him. I was wrong with it because it wasn't about talent. I didn't think. All right, let's get right to. It are welcomed into another episode of the Iran and Goodman podcast. I'm Jeff Goodman. He is Bob Ryan and we are joined by one of my favorite people. In this business. One of the best people in this business and that is NBC Sports has Chris forsberg. Who's done a great job here in Boston covering a Celtics for years? Hold on, hold on. Can I can I can I start this off? Like the only reason I'm in this chair is because of the man who's down here on my zoom bubble cuz I used to go harass Bob Ryan after birth. Celtics games while I was at the Boston Globe and I'd be like, Bob. I know it's 1 a.m., I know, we have just finished putting the finishing touches on your latest article but I need you to come talk to this camera for five minutes and I always oblige. I had literally I have an Emmy Award on my wall because I made him talk about Gino on the Jumbotron on one night at like 3 in the morning and he gave this great Soliloquy about the history Gino and why it a table just saying. So I am honored to be on here. I feel a little bit over overmatched with the quality of talent that is already on this podcast. I've been overmatched, I've been over a month or two years doing this podcast. So get used to it. Very nicely to say that you know will come up in my conversation over the weekend. When I go to the Hall of Fame, enshrinement becomes a net is being deducted and no one enjoyed Gino, no one no one in the stands. Enjoyed those moments more than Kevin Garnett dead. When they put that video up, whatever any coach was saying was utterly irrelevant to Kevin Garnett, you know, the game was over anyway, but point is he just loved it anyway? So I think about it off, anyway, thank you. Good to be with you question. I'm wearing this hat in honor of Jaylen brown right now, in fact, we've lost Jaylen Brown for the playoffs and and how big of an impact of that is to the Celtics. I'll throw it to both of you guys, for me. It's big, but there were five hundred team with Jaylin. There were five hundred Team without Jaylen. I don't think they were going anywhere either way, but now it's just like, all right. Is there any Intrigue into this postseason? Other than the fact, the Intrigue really is? Do they get knocked out in the play in tournament? Not to the Intrigue now, dead. Amazing, that that's where we're we've come to with this team. But I think with Jaylin, I think what's telling to me is that this is the same engineer that Romeo Langford had last year in the bubble and it took him five and half months to recover, 170 days. And if you do the math, if your ailing gets surgery this week, he'll be back on October 28th..

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