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Thousands of people continue to stand in solidarity in downtown Phoenix protesting in response to George Floyd stat we're about thirty minutes away from the state wide curfew let's take you now live with KTA arts result is that you know who is live amongst the protesters yeah I'm standing near Sixth Avenue and Adams street where Phoenix police officers are blocking protesters are keeping them from reaching the Phoenix police headquarters yeah take off your right here I don't see no riot here protesters are asking Phoenix police officers to stand down we are just half an hour away from the governor eight o'clock curfew and about a thousand protesters are still here reporting live in downtown Phoenix Griselda fifteen LPGA argue we'll have more live from the protest happening downtown in just about ten minutes there was on the department of health services reports the highest daily increasing coronavirus cases since the pandemic began a thousand one hundred twenty seven new cases bringing the state's total past twenty one thousand the percentage of positive cases remains the same it was those death toll is at nine hundred forty one after twenty four new deaths president trump says he's happy with how Arizona's handling unruly protesters in audio of the conference call with the nation's governors this is what governor Ducey said when president trump called on him to speak yesterday why D. as well is the largest metropolitan areas on three times over the last three days the more work has been calling on governors to activate the National Guard something Arizona did over the weekend new this evening president trump announcing he's moving the Republican National Convention in Charlotte North Carolina to another location trump did not say where he's moving it to you but said to a quote place he loves the convention was moved after North Carolina had concerns over coronavirus stints distancing well the virus in Arizona congressman Andy Biggs is unloading on the CDC over its handling of cove in nineteen in an interview with Katie ours make room at show big says they've been wrong about modeling and indirect conflict with the world whole health organization of the effectiveness of mass you go to university of Minnesota article that there's a lit review of all of the Basque studies that have been done in the last twenty thirty years and they allied with the who big says the CDC has also been wrong about the distance the particles travel in the air the spread of the virus on surfaces among about the infection to tolerate three communities have been evacuated because of the sawtooth fire that's tried twenty one thousand acres northeast of gold canyon the communities of elephant Butte heart tank an angel basin have been evacuated while residents of silver king and Williams road.

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