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Fasting and repentance. The laugh Factory in L. A will be live streaming services online for free at 11 A.m. and six PM Let's see what's up with your commute now on the 91 Man Anaheim on the 91 eastbound at State college, excusing Just all car. Just get ready. Please move over to the right shoulder. Meantime, a damage to drive just a little at Harbor Boulevard, Corona and 91 both directions from Lincoln to Tyler. They're having a Caltrans sweeper train working here, So it's a work zone. It's a moving works in both directions until too, so you're going to find slowing on either side. Okay, if I and this guy is sponsored by injury, attorney superwoman super lawyer dot com Jeff with an update in Sherman Oaks, But if you've been listening for a while, maybe perhaps with the mist are less reporter great news for the South, four or five that was stuck truck at the one I wanted to call gun So without delay, so not to worry, also allusion Park at a lot of calls about this South found five saving way truck fire turns out to be a break fire, unfortunately, kind of a common thing with Riggs, but not a big deal. The area around the To merging to the south. Five staying way That's a little low, but that's about it. And we're just getting word of this. This is old Topanga Canyon, now older bank it not to bang a little south of a Montessori school down by the merge or before the merge with Topanga driver and car left the roadway into a creek, so it's either a minor deal or a really big deal. I'll follow up on it for you. Be careful Engine an accident visit superwoman super lawyer dot com Bob KF eye in the sky Flying this guy helps get you there faster. I'm robbing banks. Investors want high cash flow with appreciation. The Federal Reserve is boosting realestate markets with super low interest rates and where we build, it's booming. There's an old saying, Don't fight the Fed with your investments, Founded in 2006,.

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