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So fast is really a testament to how bad Andrews shoe is acting like a purse. To the point where like he's kind of my favorite now because he's so bad. He's terrible. He said I have a good at standing. No having a shirt on now. But I'm not complaining about that. So. Yeah. Again with this find it where podcasts are. Adam clinically just your last couple weeks of winners and losers. You're talking about SVU and supernatural, and I just want to give a shoutout to Grey's anatomy, which is in season seventeen. Thank spreadeagled. Sixteen. It's it is catching up to to SVU end. His now guaranteed outlive. Supernatural end attending a really good season. So I recommend it. But my main thing to talk about as the crazy ex girlfriend finale, which aired on Friday followed by a concert special, which was really cute, and I covered the show for a couple of seasons on previously. I was not the biggest fan of this season. Overall. It felt a little wheel Spinney. A I think they made the right choice in wanting to bring Greg back, but they couldn't get enough antennas. So they recast him in like they did the best they could. But it was weird. The songs were I thought not that great. But I still like I love the show. I enjoyed I enjoyed the show despite all of that. And then in the finale like going to spoil it. So if you're waiting to watch it. Thank you. In the finale, it's revealed that the song we've been hearing for four seasons are all in Rebecca's head which doesn't really make any sense because some people have songs without her. But that's fine. And that what the shows in building towards is not her winding up with one of these men, but you know, sort of finding herself in finding her true passion and calling which is songwriting, you know. Okay. That's a good career move. But but it was really it was really sweet. And then it ends with her sort of saying this is my song. And then we don't hear it. That's just the end. And so it was like this weird anticlimactic moment that was actually perfect. I thought there's a line romantic love is not an ending which has sort of always been an issue that the show has been dealing with what happens after the romantic comedy, ending like your life still goes on that happened in the show like three times 'cause you know, something happened every season..

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