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Got to get to before we start to head off into the evening for Thursday night. Football Giants eagles. Somebody asked me earlier. What I like actually was my buddy Iike Reese, Former Philadelphia Eagle linebacker, One of the nemesis, the Masai, the missus is a Masonic nemesis is that I had With that Eagle Giants robbery in my era him and Brian Dawkins. I'm actually doing a game. Watch whether we're talking Assisi about a game once doing a game Watch with Jeremiah Trotter and Shawn O'Hara. What's You know some of this this Giants Eagles matchup tonight with with my company doozy. Oh, so that'll be fun to relive some old memories with those guys. But it'll be an interesting game. Not for You know, traditional reasons, but nobody wants to win the NFC East. And whoever wins this game, even though the Eagles and the Giants will only have one win. They're going to have a share least temporarily for the top of the NFC East with two wins lots of injuries on the Eagle side, obviously the big injury on the giant side it's a quant Barclay, but they have their banged up as well. They're just looking to improve. Some team in the National Football League after week. Eight potentially is going to get some improvement. And that's because Antonio Brown is being Bandied around here as a potentials savior, but asset to be applied to some team. There's a bunch of teams that this could apply to whether it is The Buffalo, not Buffalo, the Baltimore Ravens, who obviously have a connection because Hollywood Brown is cousins with Antonio Brown. When we saw them working out in the off season, the Houston Texans, they could be interesting. I'm seeing in this. They sent out the Andre Hopkins and No willful or is still there, and I might forget who else is on there? Brandon cooks they brought in as well. Randall Cobb knows a little bit older, so there's there's some teams that could be interesting. In Antonio Brown when he finally decides to if he decides to come back or or the team decide to pull the trigger one team that has gotten a lot of talk around this the Antonio Brown potential acquisition Is the Seattle Seahawks. Now this was going on in the off season before the commissioner handed down his eight game suspension for You know this player conduct policy, and we know that Seattle could use him. Their offense is really good. And Russell Wilson is on an M V P path right now, But it's David Mohr and Tyler Lockett. Good players, but not players. They're goingto scare you, you know, out of your shoes, decay. Metcalf might scare you out of your shoes, but If you compare if you could come could put decay Metcalf within Antonio Brown the I mean, they might be good. Let's listen Pete Carroll, who talked about this a little bit. We do all of the homework we can think of doing that were we will never think that we can leave a stone unturned. And so that's how we do You know how we approach everything, and so That's work will continue to do that. Here. We have endeavored to to be in on everything that's going on. And John has done a marvelous job of always being tuned in to what's happening and Ah, in this. This is no exception. You know, so we'll see what happens. You know as we go forward, but we're we're tuned in to what's happening there. He's talking obviously about Jon Snyder, the general manager of the Seattle Seahawks, and That he would be as exciting a players. I think we've seen on the Seattle Seahawks because of how good Russell Wilson is at throwing the deep ball. We don't think of Russell Wilson as one of the great Debo throwers in the NFL, because he's not big and powerful. He's not like been Roethlisberger. But I got to tell you, Russell Wilson throws his good a deep ball as anybody in the NFL. And that's why he's having such a great season because his depot accuracy and if he gets Antonio Brown Match with D K. Medcalf. They could be a little scary out in the West. We'll see. We'll find out Eventually he's going to sign. He's he served his. He's going to serve his eight game suspension after two more weeks, and it's somebody's going to sign him. All right? I told you had a special guest coming on with me today, and I and he is now on the line. This is the body that goes back for those who followed me and my guest Krista Stephano on Ultimate Beastmaster he actually co hosted with me was that two years ago on air and it was awesome and so well received on bringing it back. In the Corona virus. What's up, Chris? How you doing, man? What's up, brother? First walk and listen to you say, deep ball all day. You like beef balls deep on him like I do. You know what I'm talking? What's he talking about? He's talking about football on then. Yeah, Ultimate Beastmaster. Great time hosting you While I was fired immediately after the first day you came back. Because, you know, I mean, Netflix hired me. I don't want a comedian. But and all my jokes. I got five from but what can you do? Take? It's nice to hear your point together. Yeah, it's great to hear your voice and again and I was good to catch up with you about. I mean, this was pre pandemic, but I I sat in your podcast the history hyenas, which, by the way, I got to ask you about this. How in the world did you come up with this idea, Because it's actually smart like you're talking about really history. But there's so much comedy and distracted in there. You forget that you're talking about things that actually happened. How'd you come up with that idea? Well, me and my podcast partner, Janek pompous, who's also a Brooklyn guy. We could never really be open with the fact that we loved history because in Brooklyn, you can't You can't say that Either You're talking about sports or girls or a gambling. And that's all. But if you say like, oh, the history of this neighborhood still throwing in a mailbox when I found Janek and he went through the same thing. I think we should talk about history. Now that like we're out of the neighborhood, and these guys all our friends are in jail anyway. There's no way they're smart enough to figure out how to get a podcast. Let's do it, So that's how we came up with it, Dyson I said. Now you're doing the Corona viruses wrecked standup comedy hats because you can't do anything in person. By the way, I've been meaning to talk to you about this because there is a place it's called Central and main in my in the town over from my Madison, and they do stand up right now on the street, and so you sit on the street socially distance. You dying and there stand up comedians. I have to have you come out there because I know you'll crush it. That that aside you actually are doing standup virtually tell us about this program that you have is going to air tomorrow. I believe, because you're one of the funniest guys that I've ever met. We bonded out in California shooting ultimate Beastmaster. Tell us about this because kind of cool. Yes. So, So, basically tomorrow October 2038 p. M Eastern..

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