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I'm assuming, hopefully this means Willie cauley Stein is all good because we've been we've been concerned for a little bit now. There wasn't a whole lot of reporting on exactly what was going on with the Dallas Mavericks. Why he was away from the team, but now that he's popping back up with another team, they regardless of what team it is to me that's a positive sign for Willie cauley Stein the person. Yeah, absolutely. Willie cauley Stein left the Mavericks right around Thanksgiving. And it had been ruled out for roughly a month and a half straight with per personal reasons. That's why he wasn't playing. Well, with Dallas, I was put on there and active list and just kind of left there. Hadn't played all that much prior to leaving the Mavericks, mavericks, roster structures so that they had a ton of bags. This year, so he wasn't necessarily really a big part of things. But yeah, and then we had wondered about it for, as you said, for a very long time of jeez, well, what's going on there? The Mavericks let him go mid January. But now, so hopefully that means everything is cleaned up and his whatever that personal issue was, hopefully, all the best to him and his family and everybody and everything is good. And now he's going to join up with the 76ers who they need another center. They're back up 5 right now is it's kind of Paul Millsap kind of Paul Reed. They've got Charles bassy, The Rookie who they like, but you don't really want to be reliant on him. So give cauley Stein ten days. Essentially, what happens when you give a guy a ten day at this point? It's almost kind of a tryout with CEO looks. Let's see. Let's see where we go, and off we go from there if it all works. So we'll probably do ten zero, and then sign for the rest of the season. Like another big, just did. In Denver, our guy boogie cousins. That was, how is that trend? That was nice. I like that. It was almost like it was almost like you're a professional Keith. Almost. So yeah, boogie cousins sighing with the nuggets for the remainder of the season. This was expected. He had played fairly well for them. Yeah, we'll see what kind of role he has come postseason time. My guess is it's probably more of a match adventure. Triple kind of thing. Yeah, matchup kind of guy. They'll mostly roll, I think, with Jeff Green as the backup 5 to Michael green. There's Zeke naji when he's back healthy and ready to go again. For them, who's played quite well the second air player in Denver, if you haven't, go check out Zeke naji stats. They're pretty good. He's starting to show a little bit of that did anybody see this coming kind of thing with his shooting range. He can really shoot the heck out of the ball. And he's starting to defend a little bit more too. And was expected. So yeah, he tend to play him a little bit more at the four. Identify, but you put him out there with Jamaica green or Jeff Green kind of interchangeable at them..

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