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You can't see over them and you create windows, and that's what the saints do, and that's what drew Brees does. But no, we, I'm mocking everybody. When I talk about how short jubilees is I don't care. Russell Wilson? I don't care how tall you are. Baker Mayfield I didn't care how tall he was. It's how accurate are you a leader? Do you love the big moments? Do you wanna be great. It's like Johnny Menzel. You know, we love Johnny Manziel at no point. Did somebody say, you know the problem with Johnny Manziel site? No, it was everything else wasn't that. Partying. That was the problem, but Baker Mayfield I, you know, I couldn't care less toll us or isn't. Can you play the position? You know, Patrick Mahomes. It was going to be a defensive ACA Texas. RG three defensive back, Texas, Johnny, Manziel defensive back in Texas. Man, those defensive backs must be hell of quarterback there, Texas. I'm guessing imagine if Texas ended up changing the the, the history of college football. If you had these guys playing defensive back. Oh, man. Yup. I remember when Bo Jackson told you the story about being recruited by amp, Alabama and linebacker. They said they didn't have a lot of room in the backfield. Would he be open to switching a linebacker. Hello, Auburn, although I could have seen both because you magin bows linebacker. Oh, boy. Imagine him. He. He could have been Ray Lewis with more speed more Atlanticism God how scary, scary anyway. But imagine if you had Bo Jackson their plane, middle linebacker or even outside linebacker, would it be like Lawrence Taylor because he's more athletic than Lawrence Taylor. That'd be fun. I've been fun. I wonder if his career would have been extended if he played defense instead of offense, you know he had that injury where you know that leg was pulled out of the socket there. All right. We'll take a break. Dan Shaughnessy was there at Yankee Stadium last night, Red Sox roughed up the Yang sixteen to one and a little bit of drama pre-game with Luis Severino getting there to the ballpark apparently late. So we'll talk to Shaughnessy from the Boston Globe right after this in the Dan Patrick show, if you're a loved one get.

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