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Soap from American made soap from thirteen year old kid that is raising goats getting the milk from the goats and turning it into soap, you good, you know, to buy on a farm here in California, a lot of people don't know that California's massive agriculture and farming so you can support that with a little warrior kid soap. Don't feed about the YouTube while you're subscribing geeks subscribed to the YouTube channel Jaakko podcast where you can watch these podcasts on there. If you wanna see us if you wanna see Jim Webb and James Webb. You wanna see what their reactions are? And see what they look like, you can subscribe or you can go to the YouTube and check it out. You can also see echoes enhanced videos, which he is quite proud of. I'm proud that. Use it use the word legit legit. I will give you a credit when credit is due and they they enhance the message. Functionally sure like being able to read the words that's functional usage. Sue is. Not just is not just affects for the sake of affects which I probably wouldn't call Jit something we do throw some of that stuff would Walzer exploding might be a little bit beyond. But sometimes he goes a little too far, let them know. But no videos on a little bit much. He learns it's like the guy that learned something they learned the cowbell. They get a new cowbell for the drum set, and they put it in through the whole albums his cowbell. What's cowbell? It's a it's a cow bell. I mean, but people use it in music, occasionally, it should be used sparingly. So it's real actual goods cowbell thing. Like more like a bone, and I can't really do annoys, sir. But they're there because in. Sushi drums, actually, all instruments really have like names for you know, like hi hat the name drum. I know. But see what I'm saying though, that's like a name like if you've never seen a drum or never heard of adrenaline says. Hi hat. They'd be like, I know what high means, and I know what happened. But high had is a name for you seem saying I thought that was the same deal for cow belt Bono. It's it's act now they make I mean, I don't know what the cowbells looked like in eighteen fifty. But this is definitely been cleaned up and modified, so that's a cow bell lure thing. But it's.

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