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Live from Emily arena. Here's Greg Llanelli. There's no place you'd rather be especially on Valentine's Day. Then watching and listening to some lightning hockey. Honestly, if you're figuring out what to do tonight. And you're not too. Sure, I mean at that point, good luck. Because getting reservations anywhere is probably tough. You don't have to do that to sit back. Listen, take it all in and watch a really good team. Hopefully, take care of business tonight against the Dallas Stars is lightning play live right here on NewsRadio WFAN lightning powerplay. So glad you're with us. Greg Llanelli with you coming up in just a little bit. We'll talk to Matthew to France. From the Dallas Morning News. We'll talk to him about this. Dallas Stars team is playing well of late if one six of their last eight, and they're a team that is very top heavy with their first line, but they have Jamie. Benn now on a second line, and they feel like that's given them an opportunity to spread out their scoring a little bit more. But they play really good defense. And they're certainly going to try and clock things up here tonight against the Tampa Bay Lightning. Look the lightning are coming off a game a couple of nights ago that you can make the. Case was their best outing of the whole season. They took care of business against a really good Calgary. Flames team aflame team who was coming in for the most part. They had dropped a couple of games in a row before their game against the lightning. But for the most part they were the second best team points lies the National Hockey League. And all Tampa Bay did was completely take them out of their game score six goals and really not feel threatened at all. Tuesday nights, which is pretty amazing when you consider how good Calgary had been playing and all the parody in today's game. It's a little bit different. You know, when you're not dealing in a salary cap era, but when you're dealing at a salary cap era. A lot of teams can't stack their rosters and so- parody. Is everywhere. Of course, take a look at the lightning and what they're doing the share and parody be damned. But it was an impressive win. And you want to see if Tampa Bay can continue that tonight against the Dallas Stars. Does look like air Chernick will be an Andrea Palazzo. Sure yet as we get closer to game time. We'll have a better idea of who's out and who's not. But again, this is the luxury Tampa Bay has as opposed to a lot of other teams in the National Hockey League or fighting for a playoff spot. They do not have to rush. Anybody back. Yeah. They may have to make some interesting decisions with the roster because of just the makeup of it right now, and and guys maybe being injured, but you don't have to rush anybody back if you don't have to and I think that's worked very well this year. I mean think about it with Vassil Levski no with his injury. Whether it's an Audrey Polat. Whether it's an Anton Stroman. The guys that have been banged up. You have other guys who are replacing you that are doing a pretty good job. I mean look at the last game. Danny Martell comes in picks up an assist on the Centric podcast goal. The guy doesn't play really at all this year for various reasons. Biggest reason is where you're gonna play him. He's going to take out. So.

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