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One as the attack on Ashford continue a part of me was like this is unreal we're in twenty nineteen. Gloria are we Sirius. Ashford says she took out her cell phone and started recording to protect herself and to get evidence of the shocking scene some of the woman's neighbors have shared similar videos Ashford has filed a police report she says women need to be off the streets and held accountable for her actions the number of hate crimes across Orange County has increased for four straight years the nonprofit Orange County human relations commission says there were sixty seven hate crimes last year that's a twelve percent jump from two thousand seventeen pretty significant you are here you know and we've had a couple of high profile occurrences with young people in our community that have gone viral with anti semitic and racist behaviors to mission CEO Alison Edward she says this shows the importance of staying vigilant and encouraging people to speak out against hate the most frequent hate crimes are motivated by race or ethnicity followed by religion and sexual orientation a man accused of assaulting or groping five women in the San Fernando Valley this year has pleaded not guilty on all charges he was arrested earlier this week based on tips generated by an online video of the most recent attack which was against a real estate agent during an open house in Encino last Sunday the suspect's family says he suffers from an intellectual disability and never meant to hurt anyone he's due back in court in three weeks and could face up to eight years in prison if he's tried and convicted on all counts. if you have gone to the gas station in order to fill up the tank you probably have gotten a little bit of a shock the average price of a gallon of self serve regular in LA county now over four dollars for the first time in five months it's risen thirty seven cents of the last twelve days to four dollars and four cents triple a says despite his due to unplanned maintenance at local refineries and the absence of imported gasoline. it is nine..

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