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The Year award in the number two overall pick, lead all qualifying rookies and points 17.8 a game and assist 7.3 per game. He also shot 47 a half percent from the field those your half past headlines. Chris Rose joins the guys next way. We now continue with Murph in Mac on KNBR, 1045 and 68 sports leader. All right, so he's going to check in with our friend Chris Rose could go MLB. He could go NFL double dip for he's divers, man. Guess what NFL starts in six days, so Chris Rose, We welcome you back on the Murph in Max Show on the Yuma Guest line. How you doing, man? How you doing? However, you were in the last time we talked to use kind of mid pandemic and, you know, we know you're a dad and you're kind of doing your thing. You guys is the Rose clan forging through. Yes. So the older one is actually going back to college. Not technically, like in class. Everything's virtual buddies. Down in San Diego, doing his thing. The younger one just started high school virtual learning. You know, I mean, we're just like everybody else. I think kind of California and trudging along and making the best of it trying to find a way. All right. Good. Good. Good man. Could so right now, let's start with the baseball because it's September. Here I look you're Cleveland Indians buddy atop the ale Central. So TRAV go, huh? Yeah. You know, they were part of the biggest trade of of the deadline, and a lot of people thought they got hosed. I never understand those people. When you know half of the Trade pieces are young prospects. And we won't know like Will somebody turn into, you know will cleanse your beady Doyle Alexander to one of these kids. John smokes one day or night. Larry Andersen do it, Jeff Bagwell. Probably not, but I always like to at least let it trade it three or four days. Before fully judging it. But it is pretty remarkable. It's just the way the Indians organization that does things. In part because of the financial structure, But there are a lot of teams that would have traded The last 14 months, Cory Clubber, Trevor Bauer and Mike Levinger and still be in the fight. It's true to be in first place. That's true, and I think, actually looking at that they have the best run differential in the American League. I mean, watch out. Watch out. You don't want to play this, By the way. That's what a team that can't score Rose. It's one thing to have a huge run differential and be the divers, although their offense hasn't been as good as anticipated. Or, you know, to be a truly kind of white could just outside. But you have a huge run differential when you have one of the worst offices in baseball is kind of remarkable staff there. Yeah. Do you want to hit Shane Bieber? Man on untouchable on really Good. Hey, just quickly on the White Sox, NBC. Lewis Roberts Homer last night. Oh, my God, did I? I woke up this morning. It crossed my nicely. Yeah, Totally. A man. The slug and white socks. It kind of fun, man. They're kind of fun, So we'll see what happens there. Okay, so big picture. Now the baseball were watching in terms of seven inning double headers. Runners on second in the 10th. D H in the National League. I mean, I know, you know, it's been in everybody's head and we're living with it. But I'm kind of checking in with Chris Rose on Little macro. How you feeling about it, man? I just uneasiness the whole situation. You're writing it off because it's a pandemic. Are you thinking any of these air stickin? Where are we? Well, I actually was in favor of the extra inning rule going into this thing, and I actually I told what people said. Don't judge the idea. So you lived through it a few times. Um, I'm curious about your face before. I hate no hay and not into it feels totally Oh, my God, it's turned games upside that's no longer You're losing games for, like No reason. Now it's like it's like, Yeah, it's like, Wait. What? What just happened. There did. That's it? That's not baseball. So here's Chris. Here's Here's what I'm willing to meet you at the negotiation table. How about if I say you give me my baseball through the 10th, 11th and 12th? I'll give you your runner on second, starting in the 13th Meet you halfway Well, I'm with you, but she's not that far. I heard the suggestion. Let's play that. Like the rest of the previous nine innings. And then in the 11th today has to be okay with that. That's too soon. We're gonna have to leave the negotiation table here, Chris. Yeah, well, I think we can come to terms. Here's what I will say I root for extra innings. I really do like ideal. As long as it doesn't involve the Indians. I root for extraneous because I want to see it. I find it fascinating because there is I mean, the manager hated because they're going to be grilled either way, Really? I mean, I thought that there would be a little more moving runners over. You know, trying to play for lead, and I've seen people just totally ignore Bunce and totally that strategy, too. By the way, I mean, it's not. You can't say that. That is a strategy. If you just want to let let the players play. On, believe it in their hands. That's fine, too. But I like it. I think it forces action me. It's like the big blind at the poker table. I like it. I'm going to credit this to you being an American League fan, and you've lived with the D. H for so long that you your brain's been twisted is what I'm going to say has been twisted. Yeah, we'll agree with that part. Just not when it comes to. We're gonna have to be issues like gentle way down the line. Thanks very enough, Gentlemen, we're going to have to agree to disagree on this one here A just real quick on. I want to get ask you an NFL one or two on the NFL, but just quickly on Tom Seaver. I think you're kind of plus or minus a few years of me and Polly Mac here and Tom Seaver for our generation. You know, I would not a Mets guy at all. You know, I'm a San Francisco Giants guy. But, boy, you want to talk about just the name that kind of just, you know, the iconic name out of out of a book, You know Tom Seaver. Yeah. So sad, You know, but also so touching all the thoughts and tributes. What was your reaction to it all? Well, I mean, what's in 75 Me is still extremely young. It really is just you know, it's had a few years ago when you heard that he was fighting dementia, because that is just not that any disease is a great one. But that is a right old bread for anybody that had You lived through that with a family member or friend. It's interesting, so I'm 49. I don't remember Tom Seaver is in New York met the first time, right? I remember him as a Cincinnati red. And then eventually getting to the mess. And then eventually, the White Sox and to me, really? This is the thing I remember most about any pitching the complete game up in the Bronx to get its 300 win. Yeah, that was one of the first guys. I remember getting that milestone and I was like, Oh, God, that is so cool. You know, I do. Remember my dad saying it's cool if you really remember what Tom Seaver was all about, right? And so, you know, I used to obviously hear the stories and you go back and you look at the video and the games. You can speed it up on YouTube, and that's That's the great thing about where we are right now is that everybody has access. If you want to learn about Tom Seaver, you can go do that. We did an amazing nine minute obituary piece on him. What MLB network So go find it on our Twitter handle..

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