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They don't want england and france running the world because it makes people upset in these other places and makes them go to soviet union we'll talk about that a moment and so if you wanna win the cold war you can't have european empires and if you wanna make money you can't have european empires so we're going to change the nineteenth century economic system with a system today of markets with the system today of free trade now that doesn't mean so as europeans in the fifties and the sixties begin to retreat that doesn't mean europeans withdraw everywhere equally white colonists for examples try to stay in charge in rhodesia south africa kenya we have large white populations those white minorities try to stay in charge in rhodesia you in that with a civil war that's going to last into the nineteen eighty s until nineteen eighty excuse me and you get the country of zimbabwe and the results of that is that whites many whites will flee to south africa and take their wealth with them zimbabwe we'll have a a powerful white minority that will continue to own some of the best land in zimbabwe up to the present day but they are they were increasingly especially in the late nineties early two thousands increasingly plundered by a they're corrupt government in south africa you'll have apartheid until nineteen ninetytwo apartheid is separation.

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