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Is who trump is now that great way to put it he gave this. He's he's committed to the role. I mean you mentioned press conference and escalators and trump tower and Be us playbook again No i mean you go back and part of the jeff pearlman wrote a great book about trump. Usfl and there were some great stories from eighty. Four is sort of when he became this national figure. And you read those stories. And it's amazing to compare that to trump trump plays fast and loose with the truth but he sure has a certain magnetism There was a story that willie geist dad wrote an article on. It said something like you're riding around. Donald trump is like riding around manhattan with a motorcycle with no windshield. You get a lot of bugs in your teeth but it sure is fun and basically what he is and the same sort of the same playbook he used with the usfl the same way. There was a lot of vagueness. There was a lot of media. Charley steiner who is sort of the voice of the general tells us that the players love trump. because after the game he'd go to the locker room and he'd say everyone it's trump same as the building and he would hold the press conferences and the players would say fine up. I'm i'm leaving. i'm going to dinner you. You can hear in do the press offers but it's a lot of the same mo in nineteen eighty-four that it would be thirty two years later. How close do you think the usfl or some of these teams came to being absorbed by the nfl that that's a great question because the one thing that became clear to me researching this book is. We cannot underestimate the force. You know this better than anyone. The force that is cable television and this was right around the time that these networks were realizing you could charge the cable system to subscriber fee and totally change the economics and by the way these networks all need programming and if trump i think singlehandedly trump did to the. Nfl like you know what isaiah. Thomas did for the cba in basketball. I mean trump just recklessly if they had hung around and got a cable tv deal whether it would have been a competing league or whether it would have had to have been absorbed. Aba nba style the usfl had. They hung out a couple of years. I think they really could have made it. What stood out at the eighty-four olympics. michael jordan. No i think i think what stood out. Was you had this this boycott and everyone thought this with the death of the olympics right. Yeah you had. Terrorism and munich and montreal was financial disaster. Boycott and eighty and the soviets aren't to compete in eighty four. It didn't matter and for a variety of reasons. Peter ueberroth the comes in for a lot of credit. This book there was no terrorism there with no drama. We all watch this. It was a slow summer. We all got big mac and fries. When americans want medals. It was the highest program in american tv history at the time. peter uber. Yeah we all love. Written in carl lewis jordan night. Who i see your left but Peter ueberroth was the the mvp of those olympics. This stuff with jordan's interesting going back to where he wanted to stay for a senior north carolina. It almost felt like dean said. Hey you're going to the nba. And the fact that bob knight it didn't take long for him to realize that this the greatest basketball player talent wise had ever seen trying to convince the blazers to take michael jordan. And they said you know. Hey we got clyde drexler. Jim berson. We have no room for michael jordan. Those were great stories. They're great nuggets. Nate's quote you to stu inman the gm of the blazers who is a friend of his. And you're right guys. We don't need jordan already. Got a swing man. We got this structure. We have You know ironically enough. We have jim paxson and nice. Quote was trust me hake jordan. Play him at center if you have to. You don't wanna miss on this kid For whatever its flaws were give credit for that one toughest interview get for. The book was to the interview. That never happened. Which was jordan east and you. I was saying this the other day you go back. And you look at nineteen eighty-four. He is so cool and he's funny and he's a prankster. And you know. I mean i certainly understand how fame can can wear you down but to me. It's a bit of a pity that he's been a little reclusive because he was great at the twenty year old great of the twenty one year old. And i think the fame monster sort of beat him up but no people were great for this book. And i think it's because star was a real resource and he was basically saying everyone remembers it right. Everyone knows magic burden. People have memories. but it's far enough away so i don't have to worry about. You know saying something should so people were great when i got him but Joe jordan full disclosure jordan Decline my out. Well and and i went through this firsthand. I was very lucky to do those interviews after he was winning championships but he was going to be the number one athlete. These sports century number one athlete and we couldn't get him for an interview. And we were we were chasing michael jordan down to he was going to be the number one athlete. And then we like mike. You're going to be the number one athlete. Everybody else has done an interview here and we eventually got him. I had to go to new york last minute to his hotel. Set it up. He came in from golfing and he sat down. And i don't know how long he went. And i don't even know how good it was but we would have looked really bad with the number one athlete and he wouldn't sit down but i just think he gets to that point. Where what does he need to answer any more. But if you had one question you knew you were gonna get an honest answer for michael jordan. What would you event I wondered weather in one thousand nine hundred four. He had a sense of where this was going. He was supremely confident he knew about. He understood the business right away. I mean david faulk did not have to convince him that he needed his own signature shoe. I think michael jordan for as much as we talk about him. I don't think he's gotten enough credit for really cheap. The balance of power in terms of athlete in management and. I wonder it in nineteen eighty-four if he was already onto this. I think you know you. You and i know this. Some athletes are cut out for this and some athletes. They they are what they do. Maybe they're just not that interesting. Maybe they've been burned by the media. I mean michael jordan go back and read about his quotes in the way. He conducted himself his decision. We've never experienced a fraction of fame. I certainly haven't but this guy has peyton manning sense of humor and barclays instincts. Age twenty at age twenty one. He was fantastic as as a character. So it's it's a it's a little bit of a kitty to me that he's So reclusive now because he had it in him to be this fake figure who is a lot more providence. in the quality of his his call is decision. I hope he enjoys the golf. But i do think he had it in him to be peyton manning or barkley if he wanted to. But i look back differently on jordan. His mom made him go to portland and meet with nike You had the two different agents who were going to represent him. They kind of said you get sam perkins and you get michael jordan. Sunnyvale caros the one who deserves the credit for michael jordan. Be in that because sunny said give him all the money get. Let's let's do a shoe based on a player that was unheard of. Because you had magic. And larry we're doing converse and as you point out the book. Converse didn't really invest in in these individuals. They just basically gave you a check. Sunnybrook carol had the wisdom to say. We're going to create a shoe from michael jordan. That's the that's the genius.

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