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Thousand federal employees returned to work following a thirty five day partial government shutdown. The president says he thinks chances are less than fifty fifty. It will stay open past February fifteen White House chief of staff. Mick Mulvaney, told C best is face the nation. President Trump wants to find a solution. He doesn't want to shut the government balance. Make that very clear he doesn't want to declare national emergency House Democratic chair Akeem Jeffries told NBC's meet the press he's against the physical barrier. Was this a fifth century solutions for twenty-first-century problem? The president told the Wall Street Journal he thinks there's less than fifty fifty chance that congress will reach a deal. He will sign before the deadline, and it is a challenging week ahead for the Trump administration as it's. Facing issues at home and abroad. The US has taken a position opposing Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, Towfighi U UN. No, more delays. No, more games. Either. You stand with the forces of freedom or you're in league with Madero and his mayhem here at home and indictment of Roger stone has not kept him quiet on ABC's this week. Stone says he did not tip the president on Russia or WikiLeaks everything that I did regarding trying to get as much public attention to the WikiLeaks disclosures. Among voters among the media is constitutionally protected, free speech. Stone says he won't testify against the president. They're calling too cold in the upper midwest this morning historic and dangerous. And by this time tomorrow from the Dakotas to Chicago, they could see wind chills of forty below zero. The coldest weather reported in the lower forty eight states in a quarter century, we are in for some cold weather to nothing like that. We'll see Thames down into the mid and potentially low thirties tomorrow and Wednesday morning. Lavar is scheduled this week to confirm deputy city manager Eric Walsh as the city's new city manager. He takes over for the retiring Cheryl Scully, while says, he's learned plenty from his boss. The main lesson results matter, but at the end of the day, the citizens, the mayor and city council all of you expect results, and that's going to be key Scully is earning four hundred seventy five thousand dollars a year. But thanks to a charter change Walsh will not make that much. If he is confirmed Thursday as salary is capped at three hundred and twelve thousand dollars a year. A man was hit by a car early today when he was sound asleep in his bedroom. Police say a driver was going too fast. When he tried to make the turn from Elena onto laurel would just west of the blank Obasi intersection. He lost control smashed through a fence and crashed through the back wall of the house coming to rest in a bedroom. The man who was in the house was checked out, but did not need hospitalization. The driver took off leaving his car in the victims. Bedroom funeral arrangements are pending for bear county sheriff's office canine that was fatally. Alie shot Friday night, the suspect thirty eight year old Matthew Morillas led police on a chase from Karnes county in bear county which ended when Chucky the canine took Morillas down. But Morillas reportedly shot the dog twice Chucky was not wearing a protective vest at the time deputy shot and critically wounded Morillas. Well, does San Antonio have a housing shortage a study by Remax associates says yes and owner broker Bob Jacobs says three simple reasons for a lack of housing. I would what would be considered affordable levels like under two hundred thousand dollars -struction costs and labor costs. And specifically the raw land and developmental cost. The developmental costs are directly the fault of the city, which has piled tons of new fees onto home construction, which makes it far more cost efficient for builders to put up more expensive homes to recoup that cost. He says first time homebuyers are the biggest losers many can't afford the mortgage or down payment that will remain in apartments, which are going up all over the city. Black Panther is the big winner at this year screen act. Guild awards, and that's stirring up a lot of Oscar buzz. The superhero hit picked up the surprise win for best ensemble in a motion picture on the television side, Amazon's marvelous MRs Mazel cleaned up winning on Sabadell in a comedy series. The cast of this is us won for best drama series on Sabato and the AFC is celebrating a third straight win over the NFC and the Pro Bowl the winners received sixty seven thousand dollars while the losers take home thirty nine grand. Today's target market for RV's, isn't what you think and moss from Bloomberg has today's and focus report, the RV industry has changed whom it's targeting for perspective customers, according to Bob Zagami, executive director of the New England RV Dealers Association. Now, it's everything from young couples that don't wanna go to campgrounds. They wanna go boondock in which is off the grid and sit there with their solar panels in their computers working out in the middle of the mountains to retired couples to families we have a lot of young families. Now, family vacation. Inexpensive compared to some of the other places. They might go and RV industry association report show shipments were up seventeen percent from two thousand sixteen to two thousand seventeen but growth is slowing. The Gandhi says manufacturers are willing shoppers with features like solar panels and wifi now, they're coming with lithium batteries, and they're fully off the grid. They do not need electrical cord, they don't need a propane. So we are moving in that direction. And that's that's a big advancement this year and research shows RV users are taking shorter trips closer to home. I'm an mosty Bloomberg business for NewsRadio twelve hundred w away. I w I news time seven oh six as Spurs with a big win over the wizards last night and the AT and T center, the voice of the Spurs. Bill showning has your details. And today's Spurs insider brought to you by s WBZ the Spurs turned the defense the second half and pulled away at the Washington Wizards last night defeating the wizards in San Antonio for nineteen th straight time one thirty two one nineteen Spurs give up forty three points. The second quarter but allow just seventeen in the third quarter lead twenty nine percent shooting for the wizards the spur shot fifty seven percent of the floor hits sixteen three pointers for the game..

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