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Really limited seven yards out in his first start you you'll Jones with a rushing touchdown. and the giants fans here in Tampa and there are a lot of rejoicing killed takes the snap back the throne yeah. with one sixty to go starting when exciting finish their force no I thought we showed we showed a lot of fight and we you know battle back after kind of create a hole for ourselves in the first half so you know like said exciting when and and but for the building off of it. then he reverted to E. lie mating type qualities. here the story yeah some of the guys in the giant puddles that that he resorted to MF he started MFN dies when he got out there on the field and they were so surprised because they had it heard of that side of him as a backup it wasn't his huddled with the live meeting subtle but when he got out there on the field he decided to to shock them and take charge and so it was the it was definitely of Daniel Jones. leaving his impression and making sure that you took ownership of the situation. that's cool it's good that it worked out and I'm always a sucker for good. in your face story and Daniel Jones was V. controversy in uproar of the NFL draft I mean where are those Daniel Jones sucks people. they may resurface the dead if it but he goes through a bad game and and there will be ebbs and flows I believe I guess there's always a possibility he could be amazing and have no exemplos about the homes though he did that behind Alex Smith for a year in Kansas city so maybe it's going to be such smooth sailing that all of this excitement around the New York Giants the new energy that I have here we have just changed the direction of our franchise all those claims that I heard on Monday in the New York market maybe those will all be validated. or maybe they won't have a winning record this season but Joe and certainly does bring a different element to the offense they don't have with the lie manning I so coming up next hour some QB news Monday Night Football.

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