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You need to know what that was heard and felt from the main line to northeast Philly a sound, I've never heard in my house in rebel KYW. Newsradio has you covered. Possibly a gas explosion there. Depend on us. Republican Rick Scott has claimed victory in Florida's US Senate race for the numbers say it may not be over after all with the incumbent. Democrat Bill Nelson demanding a recount, I'm Peter King. And Orlando Republican Rick Scott declared himself the winner with a slim lead last night, but democratic incumbent Bill Nelson never conceded at this morning. The margin of victory fell below zero point five percent threshold for an automatic recount in Florida states, sixty seven counties have to have their first unofficial results in by noon, Saturday, the state elections office says secretary of state Khuda order a machine recount after that. And Georgia's governor's race still too close to call Republican Georgia Republican secretary of state Brian Kemp, holding a narrow lead over Democrats. Stacey Abrams who's been trying to be the first female African American governor in US history. A posthumous victory in Nevada. How about this Dennis Hof, the brothel owner who died last month was elected to a state assembly office Hoff who owned several brothels in Nevada? Including the moonlite bunny ranch featured on the now cancelled HBO show cat house die suddenly last month in the middle of his campaign for the thirty sixth assembly district likening himself to President Trump. He paved the way he made it. Okay. For a reality TV star to be in office because he's done a great job. I'm going to do the same thing for the state of Nevada after he died Republican party officials urged voters to vote for him. Because if he wins the seat will remain Republican commissioners from the three counties of the district will appoint a successor to Hoff. I'm Jim Roope. Traffic and transit update. Coming up this holiday season, give the gift of music, visit guitar center for great deals, including our lowest prices.

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