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I mean uh absolutely i i think there is so much there's so much pork it's always such a big money grab it such a difficult thing for people to do i mean i'd been quite frankly i've talked about this with the with about rand paul for example you know not coming out denouncing rory more and all that kind of stuff i feel like the libertarian party and and people who are more of a fiscally conservative minded individuals you know there's their voices despite what they see on the campaign trail oftentimes they get to washington and and they don't actually follow through with the promises that they talk about on the campaign trail that's right and nieto in what are the main reasons is because they are beholden to the millions of dollars that they were given by uh special interest groups no word where a grassroots uh ah uh campaign i mean our our our war chest you know you wouldn't even call it a chest way but we're getting the message out and as people are hearing about us there you know our social media or websites are getting more and more hits every day and people are coming up to us uh you know people that spoken do uh in person they're like thank you for being an option for me to vote in home was not going to vote this year i was not going to vote in this special election but you know now that i got an an off another option to do it object after platform alike your ideas i'm gonna i'm gonna write you in i absolutely love it this democratic process dis if were not allowed to have a good array of choices and so i just want to thank you number one uh for putting yourself out there uh would you i know ruin more has said that he will not debate doug jones would you be willing to go go on stage represent your ideals against someone like doug jones no dental await reached out his campaign to see if he would um uh would debate us and we've heard nothing we tried to get on a debate in a huntsville alabama anini station was trying to put together uh more two aid wouldn't do it uh jones said he would i.

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