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As carrier very very slow to get up got caught up in that screen and out finally helped up by his teammates now any time net you tapped with julia suddenness grant you can't say that evil gun screen because every duty who may maybe a fractured but you have got to understand you've got gotta go over this screed or you have to go under the screen you cannot be running into this rain the force a switch because you are hurting your gene i change ruby four the cavaliers chanting fry comes in for tryst in thompson adrift fail mcea is in four golden state i like that combination both don't you say it does you drag dollar also on the floor is a cutting fry not hammered lost the ball call but left at all the did try to turn it over to the warriors she went out about twenty one other basket and when he jumped back yet he was still one year when he had the ball violation of on the very slight twenty six nineteen warriors three fiftytwo to go first quarter stepped perry will bring it up kevin pops up high to receive a pass but said a screen role to the basket they lob how dare he just say the ramp for a turnover that was a great catch bears lava the polls turning rolling hooked up there in mcgahee has the rebound olympia notice now leave of getting only one shot wondered out there's durant china feet at the clay tops a nice reply jr smith to tip it across the inland out of our well after a sluggish start in which the warriors miss three of their first four shots a role rolling right now think about it may have twenty eight points already and we still have three minutes at twenty five seconds to go john living said coveted for klay thompson richard jefferson coming in for cabinet elopuro at nine early points when we will built a sixpoint lead right now at knifepoint spread to the warriors baseline inbound stolen by james look brought against the dollar tricks of the la riots has hired throws it down he needed he needed that for his game because he's been down in their three.

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