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That's what if I can power the weekly, he's a world east of the people to boot and people started up. Yeah, no, he I don't think it's going to affect on creative short term thing, and I would get listen, listen to there is no way on earth that the let somebody regular go up the fucking moon. It's a Chinese billionaire to listen to me, those are bad, but the Chinese -bility I don't care who the richest guy in the world is that plane will blow up with that school teacher. I forget that go with a big owing. She'd never gonna make swear to my daughter mercy, but had never got permission like that before. I remember still being I was at the video store in Snowmass village Colorado, and I was working and I had the TV are the bunch of people walked it an even before looked. I go. That thing is not gonna make because they don't wanna get the Burki all. But the idea. Oh shit. We gotta listen to this. What we say it. I didn't say yeah, where they all start yelling, the fate of the thing. It's going down to the schoolteacher from Florida's dead. That's a message. Yeah. Okay. Yeah, I was watching that live in first grade teacher for like, we all its turn that on the fuck off that kill people. But my art, I swear to God. I do that mission was never gonna, be complete because they're not gonna let that happen. That's worth spent billions of dollars. You just have provoked the fucking regular, Joe. Hilo bus failing fucking self driving car. You're gonna trust a rocket ship to the mood you're talking about. These really are though that even billion dollars that even for a million dollars when I get into self driving car. Fuck that is the dumbest white people. Shit the fuck at world. You gotta be the dumbest. What second been called white. That's privacy, privilege privilege, China shit have let you get away you. You deserve fucking die for. For Trump to jump the HOV lane to catch you for your car to go flames. They'll never let that happen either. Don't ever let that happen champion. Because that's what on a fucking that'll be responsible for would fucking accident or week one. Those fucking stupid guys, or somebody takes over the grid and it's responsible for like two hundred thousand people die. That should happen. This is I don't care if it's a try these billionaire that they will get shot down before the start. If you think Kennedy's head blew up with that fucking bullet hit. Wait, you see that rocket blow up those complication and set back three years of my nightside. Nobody wants to go to fucking business. Never happened. Well, this people who've signed up to like be the first group of people. They'll move tomorrow permanently. Yeah, I don't people who signed up to get up the aspirin Shaquille. Put that big fucking asshole. Either old school guys like bad, ask guys, the first guys go to the moon, like those guys could handle some shit logo listed it. So you could bet all you mother fuckers. I disappear for five years and come back and some bars vacations on fucking late night. TV like I'll come up at midnight. My vacation will. We will survive. Vibrant is. Operators there right now waiting for your call is a brochure MAs. It'd be just funny how many pamphlets you would send that? Yeah. And how many people you were close to deposit on? I guarantee you I would get if I said that a hundred pamphlets week, I would close twenty people the week. That's how good I am, especially now at this age I don't give a fuck. I was killing people on the phone when I was twenty one. I can't imagine what I could do to you now on the fucking phone with fucking Mars time, Flores. Bergen express cards is how this is. It's fifty thousand dollars. I'm not looking fifty thousand dollars looking for twenty thousand.

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