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Which is how they got ta lebron's but luckily a different monk had a dream where he saw a very a monastery With distinctively curved winding path around it to a little house with turquoise eve's now we're talking told me more turquoise i just realized this guy is literally reading the tea leaves. The te'o eve's -til eve read the tea leaves. If you want to know the future. I to take you off the topic but the people that sold me my house painted my eve's gray just the ease. Well not painted the house gray They painted the house red barn red while i've just given it away. Anybody that's in my neighborhood. Now's gonna know where. I live but find the barter at house with the Gray they painted under the eaves. They painted them gray. And you know it's a mid-century house so it has bigger eaves and Degrees back then. Yeah they did. There was bigger bigger. Eaves is one of the ways you can tell people in old photographs but am realizing that the gray eaves are like kind of a drag. But i'm trying to figure out what color what's an exciting color to paint under your eaves. That doesn't seem a little bit like overmuch. Tibetan buddhism has the answer turquoise eve's it would be auspicious because in this case when the search parties headed up to the province of ondo They were undercover by the way. This is like when you're trying to buy arms out from farmers so they're not saying hey we're looking for the next dialogue. Who can help there just like we are poor wandering itinerant monks. Please shelter for the night. This is cool. And they wind up at a village in the dot com district where they find a house that matches the appearance and may have heard that. There's a kid the right age you know. It has to be someone who's been born since the death of the previous thirteenth dalai lama right. They didn't skip thirteen by the way as bad luck. It's a kid. That's that's old enough to be the dalai lama. But it doesn't have to be the dalai lama but old enough that you can take it from its mother. You don't want to take a four-month they're not going to kidnap. And you know it just occurred to me right now. How similar this to the christmas story and luke you've got a bunch of astrologers wandering the countryside trying to deliver gifts to a chosen baby right They they know vaguely direction to follow. But that's about it. You know fellow wandering star or in this case the character meaning amdahl this. This must be this. Must be a very deep archetype. Old old man looking for a baby are deepen our souls. Yeah it's something from from oldest india. If old men are looking for a baby that's how you know that's a good baby in our culture. Now that's not as popular. It's true old. Men looking for a baby is kind of a bummer. I mean it definitely makes you side with the baby but it gives you very bad feelings for the old man. And i think maybe we should wait that the boy that they've heard about was actually born two and a half years after the thirteenth dollar lama died but apparently that is not the logical problem. The dioramas taking care of business up upstairs she spent some time in the bardo. The limbo like state between lives in tibetan buddhism is that a groovy place like in What's the what's the one. Where the kid the dea pixar film where the kid is like roman around as the guy that doesn't want to die. Oh it's the new one soul and the like the jazz musician finds himself in a big cloud city full of little babies. This place is very groovy. it's instead of babies. It's full of buddha's yeah. You get visions of different kinds of of buddhas with all in great glory and color and representing different buddhist virtues. And then there's a choose your own adventure book by you know depending on which of the buddha's you focus and meditate on which of the colors of lights you look at you'll come back into different life. They say that you can even look at the at the last door that you look through. You will see in to your next life and in fact you will see your parents going at it and that's how you know you see that's a that's a a fertile landing place for your next arrival but i'm correct in saying that there are no lady buddha's well that's another point Up until now there have been no female dolly long dalai lama. And let's leave it there for moment. Okay when the search party undercover search party gets to this village. They find the little boy and he's they didn't know same. He's just dressed as like a servant they don't even know he's from the household but they're immediately miraculous manifestations he he seems to recognize one of the monks whom he would have known in his past life as the thirteenth dalai lama. If you can get your mind around this and he calls him like he referred to as a law that he uses a lhasa accent. Like an accent from town the caveat from town so it'd be like you go to the country to try to find the next whatever and he's like forget about it in here so he's got a regional accent that that his predecessor would've had but not the people around rattler. He's raised Over as they observe him over the next few visits at one point he asks for their row. He asks for a set of rosary beads around somebody's neck. And actually those were beads. That belonged to the previous dialogue. Okay and in fact. That's the test you do. You offer the child different objects to see if he can pick out the ones that he would have owned in his past. Life feels like this is sort of a weschler test for children right right. Here's a picture of a moose looking at his mommy in the bathroom. What emotions does this make you think of. What is the baby moose. Think of right now and in this case they would show him a ritual drama and something else and he would know this drum. That belonged to me when i was last here. This walking stick was mine. But i wonder how i wonder what. The percentage of correct answers it is. What's the mendoza line. Because sometimes he's got to get get it wrong right and just pick the more colorful nafis really the guy right. This is not that different from. There's a korean custom you do. I think when a child is like a hundred days old called on dole cianci. I think where you show the child and this is. I think kind of a common architecture in asian culture you show the child a bunch of objects. You know the baby you you know. There's a calligraphy brush. And if he picks up the brush she's going to be a smart kid. Oh does if he picks up the bill. He's going to be rich if he picks up food. Fat kid is to be. He's in the three kinds of people. There are smarts and fat. So it's like it's like a like a lot of asian schools determine whether you're a carpenter a lawyer before actually determines whether you get to go to the good cram school right. No that's not true today. There's maybe more modern options different colors of rice cake and video games right for you're gonna you're going to be a twitch streamer. This is fantastic. Anti he picked up the head. But the.

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