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Oh let's see we have here. We are very. They're very good. Chen Guang cooking month. Thanks good is there a? Is There Bacon in this? I thought so I need a second button now. Very good very good people. They do like a thing restaurant where near where I live like Chocolate covered bacon. Yeah that's been frozen but then they have like the chuckle gone top and everything apparently half before. So I'm guessing maybe similar to this and I know you know what I've had maple covered BACON CHOCOLATE BACON I've had A. I've had bacon all kinds of things and so yeah as you can do anything with you. Put begging like cake. Ice Cream goes with everything. He's pigs tastes good. I don't mind now is very good. Yeah no this is good. I love it. I love it so yesterday. You watching the show. The move extravagant is that must lean you. Watch it move rebukes Baganza. You saw that. We were eating cookies on the air. Lock people hate when we eat cookies or anything on the air much slobbering smacking snort important in you know. We had to eat them on the air though because they were brought by our wonderful guest over here. Nadia Charles and I hear say that they've been brought more stuff really. Yeah but but these great. These are great yesterday. They were hot off. That's the best but men you know what these are. Great still very good because like I got okay I get these the hell away much entire trying to get to any of the topics tonight. I told her yesterday as they get the hell away from me. This is the baked goods section of EPA crumbs. Now get some really big literal little and crumbs around the show with first time ever teams has an. It's appropriate. I guess it is around just a little bit more and then you. Can you put these back in the refrigerator? I can do that free. Will they're GONNA keep badgering? They want that Bacon. I thank you so much. So yeah he someone away so sorry Oh i WanNa give them to the dogs but the dogs chocolate torture for them I put David now because eating while I'm talking these interviews. It's work as he wants. That'll core what did you start double toasted. It was work. Yes Sir those crumbs out All right around my face thing is yeah. You think you're done the bacon still there it sticks with you. Even now. I'm like a little bit. Rector SNACK SENATOR IN THE STREAM..

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