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I feed before committing to Myron journey eight years ago her. Right, was there was this fear of who will I become? What will have to you know who and what will have to leave my life in order to meet with come s who's going to recognize me if I if I trans- transform into this different human being we'll tackle of that cave while there is so much to fear and your fear is valid. Right, we'll work through that CAIN. That's how you know you're on the right track. Now your investment in the program. Is a good a few options are if you painful, it's one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, nine dollars K that's payment in full. Let's massive discount. If you're not paying full, you're paying Byron Stolman, it's two and a half thousand dollars right? Two, thousand, five, hundred Straton Delays K. and you've got two options to pay that off. You can do one hundred dollars per week over twenty five weeks or fifty dollars per week over fifty weeks case. So that's it's completely up to you what option you take. Just know that. If you decide to commit to this program. It's not just about committing your energy in your finances. It's about it's about being devoted to your journey k. however that looks you're here for all of it feel the struggle to challenge the win the loss excitement the joy the rebirth Olivet. Just. Know in advance at your hia for all of it, and that includes everything. Right? You're nine months with me. Basically I'm one on one coach review. In many ways, we just do a lot of our as a group, right so that we can what love about working with the group and this is a small group K. A. Really WanNa. Bring that her right now, I'm not a group A B. Group go. Case on of Multiple Lodge communities and get one need from them and they serve me really well, and my passion is getting to know people intimately K. I want to know you want to know you personally I don't know what's going on with you fun coaching. You'll know about you K. if I'm serving you in supporting you in leading year. Right if I'm with you one hundred percent I I want to know you deeply care. This is what I know. I desire right and I must follow that if I'm GonNa be the best coach view as possibly can be okay. I'm going to share something with you. Now about myself this year surrounding vesting money into things lack this. This is full disclosure and this is new for me. Sir by the end of this podcast will have done something new, which is really celebrating and it's very exciting. It also makes me feel nervous right because I'm human being and I have feelings. Sir, just full disclosure this year twenty, twenty minutes amid pandemic One of my businesses being was forced to shut down for three. MONTHS BEING GINA. Owner share with you just how I have invested my time, my energy, my money into programs not lack mind but. In, my in my own transmission earned development. All right. Sir I spent Twelve Thousand Dollars on personal coaching this year. K and that looks like working with courage one on one. Once a month who is also a dear friend and I love her deeply and we say she sees what I don't see in. It's so amazing. It's. Just. The best thing like I'll just be having a Mormon and I will send her a voice message fully coal in the moment. Is blaming shaming judging like all of it and she just brings me back to the ground. And, she just reminds me how human I am and she holds she has taught me sorry much about holding space and I'm so so grateful I did that and I'm still doing it right I also spent three thousand dollars under three day out communicate with that same coach in two thousand dollars that same courage on a supercharged. Okay. So I mentioned before about pod product of what we do here is raising a vibration. So I spent two and half grant that cost to really lack really hanis what I know about this and become this rod recreate soy much because of that and I just have to share it. Right. So let's around seventeen and a half thousand dollars you know and deepening my heart. You're accessing intuition my connection to self you know in in that time, I've been able to build and facilitate is he'll her program. I built it team of amazing women who run my gym. I've made more than I ever made in my adult life I've become what feels lack not always but most of the time, a Mazda of my time and my space. And I've done really interesting things that acquaint insignificant to most people. But to me, they are huge. So have meditated on an unmade bed and this is huge because. You Know I. Just like this recovering perfectionist sewing long, and that would have just been an unmade bed would have been more than enough to deter me and I would have avoided meditational together us. This is huge. and honestly now I let left surprise me. So expect it to surprise me and I love it to surprise me it always surprising us But I trust in the divine timing of everything and not the end of this episode like I said, I will have recorded a podcast sharing personal information that I wouldn't normally share and not in itself is quite spectacular right? So I'm not sharing this to inspire. You actually share this to show you what's important to me. Right and I truly believe we are all capable of folding. What's important to us even if it doesn't make sense even if we don't have the answers right now even if we can't explain how we know why we know it now not before. Right, don't share this to inspire you I and shed the shares. So you know what's important to me. Casey can see what working with someone like me is lack psych. Someone who's doing this work sulk? She's she's going into the nitty gritty of it all and she's and she's vulnerable and exposed in many many ways. Rats this isn't just us working on the surface K.. This isn't just an idea that I'm playing with. I am deeply rooted. In this work myself. A riot. Now, there are two types of people that I love to work with explained this in a prior episode as well. But generally, these strategic two types of people that I love to work with I share this because I often. Often find, I attract these people and this is important for us all of us so that we can do the. I'm GONNA say the best whack but when you align with people in makes the work far easier McKay so Two types of people I love to work with the fast track is type of person who feels very terrified by this work a but still at the same time heals quite intensely cold opposed to it. Right. So they aren't necessarily understand the where will know how to put it into words or conversation. They just know that it's meant for them. Right? An I was this person and this is why I love working with this person. because when I said Yes to my healing journey six easy goer was seven I eight years ago. I was so anxious was really unsure of how this would look for me my partner at the time didn't understand Make him understand I could actually put it into words. There was just this big faulk yes in my body and I've learned to trust that and for so many years of my life I noted and I put it down to put it down to other things. Now, it just not being the right time just covering it up with all these different ideas about what could be instead of listening.

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