DNC, Donald Trump, FBI discussed on WHO


That it was fusion gps being paid by the clinton campaign they didn't want to tell us that for a long time and that it was bought and paid for by hillary and the money's used from her campaign and the money she was controlling it the dnc and we discovered oh by the way it became according to the grassley grand memo became the bulk of information in the application for the first fis a warrant on carter page trump associate an opposition campaign in the lead up to a presidential election and then it was renewed four times based on unverified salacious information that was put out there i mean it's unbelievable to me and we learned from the pfizer court decision itself that was unsealed that there was definitely abuse of the fis the process including by the fbi who gave private contractors act unlimited access to raw fights impel down i mean in that same data sarah what you're gonna what are you gonna say he's absolutely right on that i mean look they're gonna be looking at the extent of abuse by the fbi by the bureau in the fifth court not just carter page but how far did this go and the those were revealed in documents by the fisk fisk court went after the obama administration and and reprimanded them for their behavior and and what they did with the fisk by and including the fbi and how they were sharing information with contractors that weren't even cleared to have this information and how they expanded under obama these rules for sharing information and the.

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