President Trump, CBS, House Judiciary Committee discussed on KNX Evening News


I'm Cooper Rummell. A navy officer gets almost ten years in prison. I'm Mark Austin Thomas, consumer watchdog gives a thumbs down to California's new insurance Commissioner on Brian paying CBS news covers your world at ten o'clock. This is CBS news on the hour. Real news real reporting on Tom Foty, late night tweet. President Trump's calling for a change in focus in Washington saying now Republicans and Democrats must come together by which he says, he means no more of what he calls costly and time consuming investigations. Instead he calls for action on immigration and the border infrastructure lowered drug prices and much more. Now that at the end of the day in which the chairman of the House Judiciary committee threatened, contempt citation of Mr. Trump. Bill bar and house speaker Nancy Pelosi accused bar of lying about the Muller report a subject about which Mr. Trump himself spoke out again on his usual outlet. Fox news. Everything taxes my financial statements which phenomenal. They've got to everything, and I'm so clean think of it after two and a half years and all of that money spent nothing very few people could have sustained that in that FOX interview. Mr. Trump also discussed the ongoing now violent power struggle in Venezuela between an authoritarian left wing president and the leader of the opposition who is recognized by the US and some other nations as interim president. So where does the US stand don't want to say, but we have lots of options and some of them are very tough options. The Mississippi River and its tributaries are still rising in Iowa and Illinois closing in now on levels unseen since those historic floods back in nineteen Ninety-three Carro Henderson lives along the Illinois river in most Ville that is expected to crest on Saturday. She says the water scraping closer and closer to her house.

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