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What did you lose you'll so in that vision like here's what i'm going after midnight your is cute i x by a small rolla or a i think it's of chemicals you forwards okay all right so i know you do marketing air marketing expert do you focus our home which you focus on you'd on digital trends when it comes to marketing who i don't know if i can give you a number koehnen because you know august the digital marketing is is more and more prevalent i think like you you'd estimations are that right all by when he when he tv advertising we'll only account for about onethird of all advertising budget today you know what i primarily look for it is a marketing strategists more than anything else are looking k one quick once your final goal also destination beach and then i'm looking at what is the best off to get there emma to start travelling and of its off live the leslie offline of its all islands go online and do regardless of its almina othmar words your audience worthy bee hives were the tribe did you wanna reach was hiding leads exactly in if they're hiding you wanna go hide with them in the dark with wanted to be hanging out with them so greatgreatgreat advice because everybody thinks it has to be on social media but then there's no followthrough or they were you know they forget that they still have to pick up the phone or or like you said they still need the find and they need to go and hang out with that with that go with that high worse than you can do is try is do something because they one of our everyone else is doing it could be different you've got to do what needs to be done for your specific situation than maybe what someone else's over the doing but it may not be amending maybe not right exactly exactly so it he knew now if he knew then rather what you know now what words of wisdom would you give to young entrepreneurs young executives pursuing their path to success.

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