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On the subscription content platform, have our insider inside show where we bring someone forward from behind the curtain, discuss issues that you'll never see here, read or experience at the bottom flames fake media this past week. I had my friend, Bob meser, who the book, the infiltrator, the movie, the infiltrator is about Bob. Bob was the quarterback for the team that and he was an undercover agent for the DA brought down publis Kabar and the meeting drug cartel. He in that interview speaks, about the cozy relationship between drug cartels and between the criminal banking syndicate worldwide never going to happen. Yeah. Ever gonna see it sixty minutes or twenty twenty or of you, you're never going to get exposed to that type of information. That's just some of the information we present our subscription side. In addition, our Benghazi work, we brought whistle blowers forward again about what really happened in Benghazi about the stand down through the Obama administration music from people who were in the theater of operation that night, again, will not see that in the bought off, Liam stream, fake media, and I work recently as it relates and have been for the past several years on the hammered, which is now starting to seep out in other alternative media sources. But the fact that the Obama administration with Brennan, his director CIA, and Clapper, his director of national intelligence wasn't charge of a and created a platform hired a guy by the name of Dennis Montgomery to create a platform called the hammer which legally surveilled millions of Americans phone calls, emails, internet activity financial transactions you and me fourth amendment rights. Violated. They could use that system also target individuals which they did Trump in the people around him, and anyone who was seen as a quote, subversive, actually, I got caught up in that because of my opposition to ObamaCare as did my next guest. I am. Sure if we went through the files of the hammer, we would find my next guest name and some of her phone calls and internet activity, because there were very few people early on in the in when ObamaCare was being introduced as far back as the first part of ObamaCare. We're half of it was hidden in the stimulus Bill. That's where the rationing boards and the enforcement boards were, there was myself and Jane Hughes and Chris held in the folks, that APS American sociation for physicians. That were focused on. What really ObamaCare was about? And from the very outset we determined that ObamaCare would not reduce costs would reduce availability and access to care. And we were roundly scene and demonized as being subversives in actuality. We were correct one hundred percent. Correct. A little background on Jane Hughes. She is a board certified opthamologist and optimal logic certain in a fellow of the American college of surgeons Jane graduated from the university, Iowa with a degree and received her medical degree from the university of Texas health science center in San Antonio. In addition to her, private practice, Jane is a clinical professor in the department of ophthalmology at the university of Texas health science center in San Antonio, Jane wears many hats. She is also the founder of American doctors. Number four truth dot org. American doctors number four, four truth dot org. Jane welcome back to operation for you. Well, thanks, Dave. It's a pleasure to be with you again. So Jane, you know, ten years ago, you and as I mentioned, several others had pointed out that ObamaCare was a problem that, that it was not going to be the nirvana, that Obama and Kathleen Sibelius and, and Joe Biden and many other people portended that it would be. Jane, how many people in the past ten years that? Derided you chastised you demeaned, you how many people have apologized to you that in fact you were in fact, correct about this. Well, I think if we wait for apologies we're going to be waiting a long time. I think actually it's enjoyable just realize that we were fighting the good fight, and that we were correct? And people are beginning to see it, and even the Democrats are seeing it, because let's face it. Why would you be promoting Medicare for all its ObamaCare was working? We wouldn't need it. Excellent point. And let's in before we get into Medicare for all because I believe someone with your knowledge base needs. We need to get your address address your criticism Medicare for all because, of course, here on the People's Republic of an antibody. It's perfect. But let's focus on some recent legislation, and that many people say, well, this is this is a no brainer. This is perfect we have to institute this. And this is this two houses in the house of Representative or putting a Bill forward actually several, I believe, to look at the surprise medical bills and, and to eliminate them your take. Well, first of all, my take is the federal government really should have nothing to do with quote surprise medical bills. When people understand what it is. I think they'll agree surprise medical bills are really a breakdown in the contractual agreement between the insurance company and the person that's ensured when that insured person seeks medical care outside of quote, the preferred provider network that the insurance company has established and part of the reason is nobody reads the fine print in their insurance contracts and. This is come to light because, of course, not reading the small print. If you have an emergency, you're subjected to the cash pricing of hospitals and various entities. And you and I have discussed on the program before that the cash pricing isn't really the true cost of the care delivered. It's that high in the sky price upon which hospitals and various editor, as give out there, supposed-, reduced fees these networks. So take looking at this surprise Bill. I believe one is called the Pallone Walden, Bill. It has kind of several different aspects to it. Okay. And this is how they're quoting pun intended, billing, it health insurance would be required to treat out of network emergency care as in-network for their enroll these cost sharing an out of pocket obligations. Well, right out of the chute let's take myself, I, I am an out of network provider for all insurance companies because insurance company started dangerous and my patients health, especially my glaucoma patients, I'm terms of drug denials, but that's an outrageous idea. First of all, it won't withstand legal muster. But you can't force somebody who doesn't have a contract with Aetna Blue Cross Blue shield to accept their idea of what your charge should be. And that's essentially, what that Bill suggests an early on. It was interesting when I saw some of the reports it sounded like President Trump might be in favor of that. But I've noticed that there's been a completely shift away from that recently in what's coming out of the high out of the White House, and some of the ideas that are coming out of the White House are actually, I think a step in the right direction. So what are they educator listening? Well, I think one of the first and foremost, things that I think is excellent is there. I in ways to force price transparency, all across the healthcare spectrum. That means the hospitals. That means the pharmacies that means physicians that means outpatient surgery centers etcetera. And I think this in and of itself, would go a long way to start degrading the power of these networks 'cause for listeners if you don't if you really don't.

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