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If you're not making those changes after two or three losing seasons. So, of course, we know. I mean, the bills have done that over and over. And so I guess that's a long way of giving you one answer to the callers question, which is how come they don't have more legendary players. Well. They play the system way better than a lot of teams who just can't seem to figure this basic point out. You kind of have more you want to have more options and not less and trading up gives you less and trading down gives you more and the patriots are maybe the team clearly the team that acts in kind. If this year really is a year like Mario's writing and talking where skill position guys are all pretty even like, it's really tough to separate them. Even more of a reason to make those kind of moves because even though these guys tend to talk like an act like they know which guys are the really good ones. That's just not acceptable with a history of this league. And these drafts tells us different for all that you know, you can't tell me who's going to be better than when these drafts even around one. So let's let's start to act like that. Well, start to get real about what we really know and trade down and get more guys in and be more like New England. Because why would that not be a good idea to be more like New England to copy that everybody wants to copy schemes all the time. Why can't we copy that pretty easy? You just don't trade up. That's it. It's all you have to do. You. Don't eat any background in scouting or anything in football to know. They don't have to push a blocking sled to know that. It's kinda there right there. That's what they do. Let's do that only eight AFC championships in a row. I mean, we could do that. If you want. It really is a point toward how they win so much with. I mean, relatively speaking. So few guys that you might think are hall of famers. It's part of it. Robbery coming up in fifteen minutes. This is Mike Chopin WJR. Seneca, poker liberty.

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