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Eighteen minutes past the hour it is the dgb show and speaking of robert muller we're talking about his investigation some republicans calling for him to step aside as special counsel it looks like he has collected sufficient evidence to go after another name that we've been hearing associate he ended with his investigation that is michael flynn michael flynn if you remember was national security advisor for about three maybe four weeks of the trump administration early on he stepped aside because as some of his actions were called into question president had asked him to resign which he did and this is this one will be a little more i think damaging for me than than paul manafort paul manafort is a political actor he rents campaigns that that's his job michael flynn is at a generally worked for the obama administration he worked for the trump administration for me to have him tried to be connected to russia or have him be really connected to russia is probably a bit more disturbing nbc news said that robert muller's team is looking at possible money laundering charges lying to federal agents and michael flynn's role in a possible plan to remove an opponent of the turkish president from the united states in exchange for millions of dollars muller is increasing pressure on michael flynn following his in date met of paul manafort last week according to nbc and and so now we wait flint serve 24 days as trump's national security advisor about was fired after it was discovered he had misrepresented himself and his contacts with the russian diplomats to vice president mike pence the embassy reports that that lawyers for flynn and his son michael jifa lin who worked with his father declined to comment too as did muller's office so is there another indictments coming in the works at a who it seems like it might end this one again victory because of his deep roots to the government this is not a conviction indictments are not convictions he's going to get to to defend himself it this would be pretty damaging this is a guy who sat in both administrations and had access to a lot of high level people it's true and this is the guy that you know president obama told president trump hey this is not a good guy distance yourself from him that was one of the first communications they had changing over the regime so.

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