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Alright people of the internet. Welcome to another ruben. Report friday roundtable extravaganza. Today we're gonna be talking about trump's lawsuit against big tech tucker carlson accusing the nsa of spying on him and race theory. You didn't think we could do a day without critical race theory now fully infiltrating public schools in america. My three guests are writer of up in the air thumb. Sucker and blood will out. Walter kirn the world's most famous knitting trump supporter. Dr carlin boy sankoh and my favorite canadian lawyer turned youtuber. Viva fray welcome. To the ruben report. Everybody how's it going. it is going. Well it's good to be with you guys. I'm looking forward to this panel Let's get right into it. Trump is suing the twitter. And the youtube and google and the whole damn thing since we're streaming this on youtube right now. I feel like that should be the lead story. let's take a look at what donald trump has got to say. I just want to say that. I stand before you this morning. To announce a very important and very beautiful i think development for our freedom and our freedom of speech and that goes to all americans today in conjunction with the america. First policy institute. I'm filing as the lead. Plas representative a major class action lawsuit against the big tech giants including facebook. Google twitter as well as their ceos mark zuckerberg sunder book jay and jack dorsey.

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