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Welcome to the tank bloke writer podcast, your guy to future Tech Trends and innovation in a language you understand now over to your host Neal Hughes. Welcome back to another episode of the tech blog rider podcast. Now, today I want to explore the world of crypto and blockchain with a company called internet based. The company first appeared on my radar. After I discovered that they are disrupting industries through the use of revolutionary technology. They are creating a range of innovative products and services that strives to substitute those already currently massively adopted. So it was a pretty big brave move. For example, I service ex- cloud is a distributed, highly secure cloud storage service, which is hoping to compete with services such as dropbox, Google or I cloud. And most interesting of all is Fran as France cigar at founder and CEO east to twenty one years old. He's a young entrepreneur who before starting internet's worked to hosting international studies, own web hosting company. He's also part of the next web's t. five hundred which holler at the most talented young entrepreneurs in the digital saying. So book loop and hold on tight. As I beam your is all the way to Spain, so we can speak. We've Fran villa Bassa Gara, founder and CEO of internet. So massive, warm, welcome to the show friend. Can you tell the listeners a little about who you are and what you do? Sure. Yes. I'm Fran. I'm the founder and CEO Vince next next weeklies ovation company and we will talk about it in enough minutes. I guess. But yeah, I'm, I'm twenty one. I love interpenetrate love you technology. Now, when I was researching Yugo is you hooked me in with your Tagoloan technologies to enhance life into next is transforming the way people live through revolutionary technology. So you hope me straight away with that tackle on. But I mean, can you just set the scene and paint a picture for listeners and help them visualize exactly what kind of problems do you actually solve x. cloud is, yes. So internet, these any no company. And we strive to do many different things that took to revolutionize different in the different industries. So right now we're doing that in the car industry and office product is called x. explode and that's a decentralized more security perversion of I cloud on Google Drive. So right now we are disrupting the car in this really said about in the future. We strive to do the same thing in other industries, so kind of what I'm Joan apple are doing. So they're not also, for example, Amazonas only online shoulder, you know, you know innovating in many other industries as well. So. What always five to next. So I've got to ask as well, where does the next token into all this? How does that work. Yeah. So the token dean, thanks so can. So how it works is we've x. cloud, our first product people by by the service is doing tokens or in dollars and either biting tokens, these gets paid hosts. So people hosting the files are the ones getting painting tokens. I think they biting dollars what we always those dollars. We buy tokens. So virtually especially the same as if they were paying told lake integrion's directly. But we don't want to force people to pay tokens because he may be I, if you want to try must adoption, I think in a people may not use it because of that. So so, yeah. So basically either directly or indirectly people paying tokens and with those though because we pay hosts and that's how it took advice works. So when I first discovered you guys straightaway, I'm thinking of other disruptive services outlasts which is stores and say, get x. cloud better or different from those solutions, right? Yes. So these two companies, I think they have their targeting different kind of customers. So the target audience is completely different. So if you want to use store j or Siah there, you have to be either developer or feel comfortable with of developer environmentally user experience. I would say so, whereas we getting any kind of customers as we targeting the mass market. So we talk, we in corporations, we targeting startups tolerating. I don't know anyone, basically individuals who who not necessarily need to know how to develop for how to how to code. So yeah. So in terms of marketing, like the two companies are in basically in any marketing, we are focusing in marketing or our efforts are in in marketing an in building, a very beautiful user experience, which is superseded Poland, super beautiful, and I don't know an as good as that of our Google Drive. So yes. So basically we're competing with Google Drive right cloud, not really with stores your sale because of the target audience we have. So how we describe ourselves is basically. A more secure and cheaper version of accountable drive. Thanks. We centralization on encryption, so it really feels into next. He's going after a completely different market segments are always your intention. Yeah, that's right. Yeah. So we wanna take disrupt these technologies and bring into the mass market. And as I said, we're doing that right now with the cloud, but we strive to keep doing the same with other industries and on this not necessarily with isn't rise Asian by the way. So we we using this and tries -ation right now for the cloud industry, but we may use some other job. Can. You know to drop another market through its. So just for anyone listening just to help them completely grasp what you doing here. Can you just explain how existing services such as Google Drive, dropbox, Apple's cloud, etc. How they compare with internet sex clamp, right? Yes. So as they say, we using distributed technology that makes use of Antoine encryption. And with that, we strapped to be more secure. I'm what private than the current options we have in the mass market. So what we do, we take your fire. I'll we spit into pieces and it gets decrypted on a, you have access to it and no single machine ever hosts a complete file either. So it hosts file. So if he ever wants to get hacked and hacker was able to gain access to your encryption key, which is already really hard. He would only gain access to an incomplete paedophile which is useless on you have the other pieces which are located all over the world, and they're impossible to track. So it's, you know, fundamentally much more secure than these other alternatives we have. So. Oh corporation Haggar or government basically can cause your files. So that's the idea we we're, we're pursuing on any in terms of prices. Well, because he because he'd say centralized network where basically computers all over the world are the ones hosting files in a very flexible manner. Basically that also allows us to be much more cheaper than like much easier than than other times when as that's the kind of goal we're pursuing insects, we'd like slow internet has also been entirely transparency is actually a folk of store a bit Genesis and new to this space. Can you just explain what that means? So they store Jay is like, so you has been around for a few years already, and they raised a lot of money on the, they've very cool infrastructure. The basically, you know, very similar to ours. So it's eighty centralized cloud infrastructure. So like so when we think the space just three year ago, we, we looked at what options we had, and we didn't think you mean much sense to start these services from scratch because they've already opened sores no solutions that were already that how. Developed for a few years. So I know like for example, if I'm our phone manufacturer on them studying phone company right now, I'm gonna reinvent how phone signals work. I'm going to start, you know, I'm going to be my phone, you know, assuming certain I inventions that are already there, so I'll just assemble whatever's there. So basically we to essentially cloud infrastructure that the worst of that there was a time a year ago, and I was storage as because we say, was the the best one, and we proved on it and we revealed it so that you know, it's our vision, which is, you know, getting these superb infrastructure and bringing it to the mass market, restore Jay's, mainly focusing on building an infrastructure for developers and mainly focusing on improving their infrastructure. And that's because many of these fixes that they find are we going to implement them, but we we're more focus on the front end. So on the user experience on the marketing and of course you know, including including the infrastructure, but. That they think they know better at this point. Now you've already made two pretty big announcements recently. So you just tell them says more about these one, both yourselves and early adopters of internet. Understandably, exile at Ruina. Yes. So give me for the beta that we releasing or so? Well, just recently we've been first of all listening, very cool exchanges call that Hokkien which is a regulated exchange that has quotable even it's bigger than the ones we were listed on. So that's great. And the next month we releasing indeed the debate Alex loud, and that's great because we don't. We played very early adopters to use it and help it improve it even further so that we will be able to release a very cool sabre not many people. Listening are often cautious around the block chain crypto space because everything is always on the horizon or constantly delayed. So can you share any aspects of your roadmap and what you want to achieve over the next six to twelve months? So first of all, we had a mobile versions of two one, two thousand eighteen, but I was going to. Come these quarter already. Quarter threes on we when we realize the beta, we will have the mobile version ready. So the beta version desktop version of mobile version. So that's great and then go to will, will will will raise a stable version. So that may be an infrastructure improvement of the beta. We the same interfaces for mobile that's on the next year. We would keep improving. Our product are getting a sales team, and you know, putting more equity marketing so that we can get more customers in here, use our product on that, meaning what we'd be focusing on two thousand eighteen. So improving our product, Sally's selling more of it. And yeah, that's what will be next year. Adoption and partnerships appear to be the missing jigsaw for many companies in the space. So what do you think the secret is to increasing adoption? And for you in particular, obviously, would be getting people off Google Drive, dropbox and apple clar-, Apple's cloud. How are you going to go back increasing adoption there? I mean, I think the first thing is getting killer product done. So cages something really weird you in terms of prize and in terms of, you know, in names of the product itself, the quality of the product. So ours is or straps to be more secure and there's so that's the first thing. And then there was of marketing, we're going to be super aggressive in terms of marketing. We planning to series as well to raise more funds so that we can keep focusing on growth, but we'll we'll be having a very, very aggressive. We federal program, we will be focusing on getting influencers, talk about insects. And yet we've got many other things land. Like for example, getting a sail steam retail to companies are making it very attractive deals for them. That are, you know, better than what they have right now. So. So what would be doing here, you know, to increase our adoption. So if we have awoken the curiosity of anybody listening to us today, can you just remind them of where they confront you guys on the line and also maybe reach out and contact to a member of your team? If they've got any additional questions. Yeah, totally. Yes. So thanks dot com is our website. We have all the information. There are Email. Social media are internet is our Twitter handle, and we use that to make all the announcements at cetera. We also have a blog, so median dot com slash next where we have the, you know, basic like the most fundamental announcements go there. So the most important stuff and no one can really means goes through the blog. Twitter is for basically all announcements and with these cars, everything on the telegram. So if people wanna talk to our team, they can go telegram channel and they can talk to us or if they want our Email address that's also there, which is Hello Adams, thanks guys. In case they have any concerns or questions or anything. Actually what a huge thanks for coming on and talking to me tonight, you said at the beginning of the show that you'll only twenty one. And the first service is called x. cloud and he's actually a distributed, highly secure cloud storage service. These actually competing with services to dropbox and Google Drive is phenomenal of fantastic. Achievements are big. Thank you for coming on today. I, let's say in torch, not look to follow your job and see, hey gallon, totally. I mean, hopefully talk to you soon and keep you updated. Imus confess. I'm a little envious of today's guys friend for being a founder and CEO of internet's. I just twenty one years old. And of course, said the beginning. He's also part of the next web t five hundred in the most talented young entrepreneurs in the digital same as a man of a certain age as confessions going when I was twenty one, I was far too busy chasing fast women and slow horses, and maybe drinking too much. But thankfully, this late bloomer found his way in the end and Fran, I salute if your focus and discipline, but what your thoughts about internet's? What would it take for you to walk away from dropbox and Google Drive and replace with x. cloud distributed, highly, secure cloud storage service. That's both a web three air generally want to hear your thoughts, your insights, your opinions on this. So as always Email me tech blog writer at outlook dot com, or tweet me at Neil see us. So. A big, thank you to each and every one of you for tuning in and listening today. I'm afraid we're out of time now, but I will return tomorrow with another great guests from the world of technology and how they're transforming business or even changing the world and some another until next on Dombi estrangement. Thanks for listening to the tech blow Roy's upon cost until next time. Remember technology is best when it brings people together.

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