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To us via podcast you'll find links in the podcast notes on whatever device you're currently using again the amount doesn't matter what does matter is that you stand with us as we continue bringing inspiring uplifting it interesting conversations to our audience all around the world here on the big impact okay let's take you now a bit of a road trip to Mackinac we're glad to have you with us on a special edition of the big impact we are not in the studio today we are not talking with guests via zoom we are instead on the road at beautiful historic Mackinac Island Michigan in the upper peninsula actually between the two peninsulas and a place that is truly set somewhere back in time it is the place to be in America in the summertime and I am joined by my friend Tim hi who's the executive director of Mackinaw island tourism and on the other end of our table safely social distance away is Dave Lorenz who is just a wonderful representative of our state's travel industry and as we get things rolling is good to see you both in person and not doing this over soon after that isn't that the truth good to see you too we we spent a lot of time looking at people and small little windows on our on our computer screens of here we are sitting outside actually the pro shop at Grand Hotel at the edge of the golf course on a perfect pure Michigan kind of a day and also on a rise how fortunate are we yeah can you imagine Tim high gets to enjoy this every summer I know I do that is the office you with the experience that everybody's afternoon and I think one of the the key points for us to drive home to our audience is that great effort has taken place and continues to take place to open the island to make it safe to make it enjoyable and to still deliver the experiences that guests have come to millions of guests have come to to enjoy over the years we.

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