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In on bikes and trains across his bridges every single day you think about cities like London or New York or Istanbul they could not function without bridges we don't think about that ages have enabled those those cities and many around the world to become what they become absolutely right just about every city in the world almost every capital city and and many many others it is their existence entirely to a bridge across the river because you know that that tends to be the place that he when they was servicing those things many hundreds of years ago that people could get too bye bye materials a trade all the kind of transportation and and trafficking around the world would come there by boat to some shape or form bridges became the thing today Sir in London of course the Romans built a bridge across the river Thames in every big city owes their existence to the bridge of some salt and very often also that bridge has become iconic come certainly in the bay area as the Golden Gate Bridge I mean which one you choose I suppose you have to say Brooklyn Bridge in New York would it would be the sort of iconic structures that then defines to place the spirit of the place even and with acid the place isn't even function in first continues his idea from the Ted stage it's hard to imagine a civilization without bridges because they're so essential for growth and development of human society for the not just about a safe way across the river or not school bridges are enormous features in our landscape not just enormous sometimes this morning and they are.

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