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Gilbert godfrey. This is gilbert godfrey amazing colossal podcast and dime not here by connected by skype with my co host. Frank santo padre where thrilled when. We're lucky enough to book. A guest who was on our regional want list. This is true and this week's guest was at the top of that list. He's celebrated actor comedian writer. Singer dancer and a bona fide show biz legend who has appeared in popular films. Such as bye bye birdie cold turkey chidi chidi bang bang night at the museum and of course mary poppins for five seasons. He starred in one of the most admired and influential television. Joe's in history that dick van dyke show and then years later diagnosis murder. He's the recipient of five emmys. A tony award a grammy and screen actors guild life achievement award. He's also a member of the television hall of fame and his been recognized as a disney legend. I'm so excited to be with here. I may pee on myself please. Welcome dick van. Dyke impressed with what a resume. Now now i had some stuff prepared to ask you but then we started. We got into a conversation and you are friends with the actor and comedian. Orson bean yes. Now please please or you want for and i go back to the fifties when both of us were hanging around new york kind of out of work and we would go to the modern museum and down the basement. They ran silent films and we go to central park. Will we go to the central park zoo every day. Though as a chimp in there who had to weigh one hundred and fifty pounds a big old gray cham- who laid on a on a kind of a book up there smoking a big black cigar and masturbated. I mean he would have you had an audience he would do. I kind of envy them. We must have passed it on that. Jim but wasn't remember. We will every day every day with us being. Yeah just. I can't imagine anything. I'd rather walk every day brought. Here's my i. Couldn't i work with a champion of movie. Who was about the same size of very talented guy. Dinky so i'm champs that was the the robin crusoe movie dick. That's right. dinky was his name. He was weighed about one hundred and thirty pounds ten years old and remember like ten things in a row in a scene. He would remember everything he could play cards and if he went up and forgot his lines. You saw going. Who and p p. His pants dedicate actually so basically had more talented. Now you use told the story in your book keep moving. Yeah that years ago. I guess you doing chitty chitty bang bang. Maybe you hurt yourself emotionally. Yeah and then you went to a doctor and he gave you this horrible. that's right. He looked at my xrays. He said you know that you riddled with arthritis from head to foot. I didn't know it. i was forty. What was i forty two or three so. Apparently i had been all those years. But i didn't know it and that's what got me moving and i've still riddled with deb. The thing is i keep moving and keep stretching and tonight and i heard a you said in the doctor's office because you a hit with this shocking horrible. He said you're in five or seven years. You'll be at least on a walker if not wheelchair five or seven years and you said you got up and danced in his office you. That was fifty years ago. And i'm still dancing. Oh wow have to take you down. Yeah 'cause i mean all over the internet there is like this footage of you like tensing and clothing stores my my wife dot grab sears and roebuck ralph. Smart wherever they're playing. It looks like it's special effects the way you dance now. How how did you start out in show business. I was doing what they call karaoke here. Now we were a record act. There were all over los angeles. Nineteen forty seven. My buddy and i drove out here. And there's no chevy had a boxer seventy eight records and we played clubs all over town. Was this the mary the the merry mutes. Yeah mary that was what her name. Yeah yeah we. We had quite a following around town. It was a very popular thing to jerry lewis started. Oh yeah jerry pantomime. Yeah and that's how i got show. It was going to be a like we were going to go home and do something serious but one thing led to another. I never got into the business. Thank god and then you've got further into show business after you were in the army. Yeah a kind of cowardice is if i was in pilot training and the war was almost over so they've just cancelled the pilot training program and the hold us. All in some of you will be overseas as tail gunners on twenty five the rest of you will be assigned according to your abilities and i went right into don singing dance and i got special services saved my life go ahead. Oh no you never were. Ever had formal training know nothing. I tell kids. I was in my thirties before. I got a job singing and dancing and my god. I loved it. If i'd had any sense then i would have well. I better study dancing and takes him. I didn't do anything. I just did it for the fun of it and i never worked on it. That's not a good way to do it. Although i watching you sing and dance like an untrained singer and dancer it's kind of like like jimmy durante. Jimmy durante by no means is a great singer. But you love listening to. That's right. yeah and you're like one of those people like you know maybe there are better dancers and singers. But when you watch you you know it's it's a guy having a great time it looks esi. That's the secret. If i'm having fun if fairly entertaining if i'm not i stink if i if i don't think it's funny. I can't make it funny if it's not funny. But yeah you're dancing was always like contagious. You know. it just looks like fun. I was i was a ray bolger. Regal always wanted to be that that guy that scarecrow. Oh yeah that affect my very young wife was what would you have liked it. I like to be scarecrow in the wizard about she said. Did you try out for it..

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