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With the oil and gas industry online at shale MAG dot com. Welcome to in the oil patch presented by shale magazine and sponsored by steer broadcasting from the oilfield expert studios, oilfield experts where you get the right products right now in the oil patch is where together weeks four topics that affect us all in oil gas business, and in your community every week your host Kimball auto will visit with the movers and shakers in this fast paced industry, you'll hear from industry experts elected officials and many more right here on in the oil patch and welcome to in all patch radio show. I'm your host Kimball lotto, we have a great show lined up for you. Of course, we will be joined by the editor of show magazine. David Blackman will also be heading to the women's energy network conference in Denver, Colorado and catching up with Dr Darden retired from NASA and president of win Aaron mckie. But first I'd like to tell you about the latest issue of shell magazine. It's a wonderful issue. It breaks down the topic of natural gas. Talks about importing exporting. So if you have questions on what's happening. There's a lot of media attention around this clean burning fuel. So you definitely want to go to shale MAG dot com. That's spelt S H A L E M G dot com. Again, that's S H A L E M G dot com. And remember, it's free. And did I mention for less than eighty dollars a year? You can get a full year subscription to shell magazine. And again, all you have to do is visit shale SHALA dot com and get your subscription Mel directly to your officer home. And now it's time to bring on our editor of shell magazine..

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