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Named after him. Brenda Brenda Paul Brown. Mm. Knox. So let me get this straight. Alfred. The guy you actually had to you your first check when you signed your first contract, National football and I was like, Oh, already. Okay. All right. Can we get one more in before we go to break? All right, One more. One more. One more. Oh, my goodness. Again. The initials are P b Clue. Number one invented in 18 84 in Montreal. Mm hmm. Clue. Number two George Bail from ST Louis was the first to bottle it Good. And sell it. Alfred. What proof he's off? He said. Oh, Who is it? Be large. E mean? I hear too, Because he's right here with me. He said. Oh, cool. Let's drop it right now. We're not playing that game again. Come on, man. What do you think it was? Captain? I think it was Cooper. Who do you think it was? Brenda? Uhh! I'm going with Coop Coop. What's your answer? Peanut butter. I could. What's the score? Brenda has two. I have two. Alan Kathy have one All right, part.

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