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You want to get something from point A to point B. In this economy, Chances are real good. It's going to get there on a truck. Trucking companies have been complaining for years. About a shortage of one kind of very essential worker Truckers, One of the many reasons freight costs are high, a situation exacerbated by the pandemic. But filling out that labor pool had already been getting harder last year, due in part to increase the access True drug test results for truckers and this year national Drug testing Data base is about to enter its second year. Marketplaces prevent ashore has more on that. It's hard to run a trucking company. If you can't find truckers, Mary Ball works for heading her trucking in Missouri. At one point, they had 17 truckers. Now they have nine it not fun at all. We really struggled to get people in here. Nationally. Speaking part of the issue is demographics. Sean Garni is VP of scope. Elitist consulting truck drivers in general are older than the general working population, which means that There are more of them retiring and it's hard to find new drivers. You gotta be 21 to get a commercial driver's license, and by that age people have invested in other careers. Bob Costello, chief economist with the American Trucking Association, says the pandemic made things worse. You can't train is many new drivers to the industry. When you talk to truck driver training schools, they have trained 20 to 50% fewer drivers in 2020 compared to 2019. And this year on top of all of that drug tests, A federal clearing house went into effect early last January that allowed states and companies to share drug test results nationwide. So a driver who fails the test in one state can't just go drive in another. Tens of thousands of drivers have been disqualified again, Sean Garni. It's hard to deny the fact that 47,000 drivers have been identified as you notable to operate a commercial motor vehicle since the beginning the clearinghouse. Half of the violations are from marijuana, a drug that is increasingly legal or tolerated in many states, but is a controlled substance at the federal level. Here's Mary Bowl again over it, heading our shipping. She says. Some drivers are put off. We've had some that have said Yes, until they found out about having to register with the juggernaut called Clearing House, and they didn't want to do that. Of course, one consequence of high demand for truckers could be better pay in New York I'm simply vanish or for marketplace Busses in Washington, D C. Are charging for rides again. Fares had been waived since beginning back in March, Passengers got on through the back doors as a way to keep drivers safe. Collecting payments again is an indicator of how transit systems are just trying to hang on until things go back to normal or Really? Whatever the new normal is going to be. Ridership is down in every major city. As we have been telling you. Marketplaces Kristin Schwab has more now on how transit funding an investment could change. Transit ridership had been falling long before the pandemic..

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