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Dot com slash credit and get a $75 credit for your first job. Post terms and conditions apply. 9 38 traffic and weather on the eights. And when it breaks married a pompous and the W T O p traffic center. All right. Thank you, Nick. We're gonna start out in Virginia with our working crash, causing a bit of a delay on 95 running south Bound and Stafford County. This is a truck crash, so it is expected to be a little while on the cleanup. Be prepared if you're running South 95. You'll hit the brakes before 16 Garrison villain That's exit 143. It's a slow roll past year. Well, before you get to the 1 40 Except for Stafford. That's where the right side of the roadway blocked truck crash. That's your breakaway point. Nothing else on 95. You're easy pass. Express lanes are pointing south bound 3 95 in those express lanes south after the Pentagon watch out along the right side. That was reported a disabled vehicle v dot said they are in the lane. The new rec on 66, Unfortunately, westbound off of the Beltway, hitting the brakes before you get to the nightly Street exit. Exit 62. You'll find that the left lane block and the right lane blocked emergency response to the accident. So you're gingerly to toward the center to get by. Watch for direction it almost looks isn't in camera. They may have just stopped traffic 66 west off of the Beltway before not leave. This is with the emergency equipment. Rolling in to sort it out the Beltway at speed. That is both in Virginia and in Maryland, on the Maryland side. We have scheduled work on the outer loop not showing yet, but they will be mobile between New Hampshire Avenue all the way around to pass River road. They'd be along the right side with their mobile work. We're checking now on the outer loop near the Little River Turnpike with the new accident reported near exit 50 to watch for response they were heading to the scene. Inside of the Beltway, The Suitland Parkway will be closed between South Capitol Street and fourth sterling. This is scheduled work watcher posted detours there in Maryland. The new accident was Conti Road between 1 97. A Route one followed Police Direction and Claxton Drive. And with Allstate, you can really save. Find out just how much you can say visit all ST dot com or call an agent to get a quote. Married to pump a w T o P traffic storm Team four. Meteorologist Lauren Ricketts says the forecast. It's gonna be a gorgeous week in all those Little on the blustery side. Temperatures are going to be in the Letterman forties.

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