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Trooper killed on the side of the road. In Douglas county says they're devastated by a second mistrial in the case truck driver, Noah Gomez, ru is accused of swerving onto the shoulder of I twenty five where trooper Cody Donohue was making a traffic stop near Toma road. The second mistrial declared today district attorney George Brock ller saying a prosecution witness revealed information in his testimony that. It was not in his report to the extent that law enforcement failed to provide a piece of information that we didn't further. Explore discover and turn over to the defense, and we inquired about it in court. Yeah, I accept the responsibility. For that broccoli says the case will move forward. He expects the judge set a new trial date next week. The police chief of Aurora Illinois says five people are dead after a shooting at a manufacturing warehouse. Christian Zemun says five police officers were also shot by the gunmen. The building is twenty nine thousand square feet. And when they located the event if under they engaged in gunfire with him killing him. None of the police officers were killed Zemun offered her sympathy for the families of the officers and the people killed thank you for your selfless act. Thank you for running towards gunfire in putting your lives in danger to protect those inside the business. My heart goes out to the victims and their families who simply went to work today. My guinea. Day. The chief says the shooter is believed to be a former employee of the warehouse. RTD says it's terminated the light rail train operator involved in last month's derailment. In aurora. RTD says the train took the curve at sable and expedition exposition that is too fast. One woman was elected from the train as it derailed. President Trump announcing he's signing an executive order declaring a national emergency to secure funds to build more than two hundred thirty miles of barrier along the southern border, President Trump acknowledged Friday that his declaration of a national emergency will be challenged in court. The White House says this is an urgent problem that needs urgent action. But the president may have given a gift to those planning to sue him. When he said, this I could do the wall over a longer period of time, I didn't need to do this. But I'd rather do it much faster. The president insisted he doesn't have to do this to improve his reelection chances saying he's already done, quote, a lot of wall for his twenty twenty campaign. Karen Travers ABC. News the White House. Our next update at seven thirty David KO KOA, NewsRadio eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM..

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