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Hear about Hilton Valentine. He was the founding guitarist of the Animals. And he's credited with coming up with one of the most famous opening riffs of the 19 sixties. He has died at the age of 77 the cause of death. Not given the label. His record label, said Valentine was a pioneering guitar player influencing the sound of rock and roll for decades to come. Hear is the sound he was most famous for. Yeah, that's him. He formed the animals and 63 alongside Eric Burden is Oh, you Orleans, big round eyes. And so that was a big hit in the U. S and the UK and the at opening riff. They say he's been a right of passage for budding guitarists around the world. And it had such residents that many people were surprised to hear that the van came from the industrial Heartland of England. They thought it was kind of Ah US sound. Eric Burdon paid tribute to Valentine that Instagram. He wrote the opening opus of Rising sun will never sound the same. You didn't just play it. You lived it heartbroken by the sudden news of Hilton's passing Valentine remained with band for four years. He's also heard on other classics, including Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood. We gotta get out of this place and don't bring me down in recent years. He had been living in Connecticut here. So Hilton Valentine, founding guitarist of the Animal's Gone at the age of 77 stand vibe on yours and Page six. This will be on the Steve Brizan Ege breaking junk food report. I'm sure McDonald's spicy Chicken McNuggets are back..

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