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I have cast given his performance in an hbo television show those right now i've cast james marston as lazarus i think he's he's a he's a nice looking guy classically handsome but he's not a stranger to deaths and being killed off in various tv shows and being marginalized to more for supporting roles i think that's and that's really good to you because like the name lazarus actually means assisted by god even your name has no agency in it like it's just like your health by god and i think when you're i'm rick james morrison's face i think he has been assisted by god i don't think he's super talented but he's got a super handsome face and that's all you need some with those is those were helped by god but that hair yes good call okay okay so for the next one let's talk about mary so for mary especially in the story she seems like someone realize a fair very behemoth very i just want to be as moment man let's just feel this moment man like that's the vibe i get when i read the story so for mary i've cast mindy kaeling how do you feel about oh my gosh i love them that bill so on brand for mindy kaeling like in terms of adjust listen to her commencement speech that she gave at dartmouth and it basically was like you guys like you're probably going to be finance people in that's it like gobi your own cheerleader by feels very and it was great and i loved it and we'll link to it in the show notes but no that's a perfect casting that's awesome okay so lastly let's talk about martha martha is kind of the the hinge point of the story and she seems to be a type a kind of person someone who's got altogether someone who has organized who is intentional who is motivated but can tend to be caught up in the details sometime and this might be a little bit informed by recent viewing with my wife of the devil wears prada cast martha's emily blunt how do you feel about that i live up so much because i do believe in my whole heart that emily is that character from the number product like she is like we're gonna keep our lives together very organized we're going to focus on the endgame like we've got to be in the details this has to be perfectly setup that feels very on right plus she's british so that feels brandy so okay before we get to the scripture let's talk a little bit about the theme the theme broadly i think is i think this.

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