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Involvement. Capital is set to play the senators to light it Ottawa. Alex Ovechkin scoreless last three games. Yeah, he's due to break out, sitting on 800 goals. Commander is going to Las Vegas. We're talking the Pro Bowl. Jonathan Allen Terry mclaurin also hunter tres way and special teamer Jeremy Reeves. College basketball Marilyn women and women over Purdue Fort Wayne on the men's side, rigid detect did lose to Boston college. George Mason lost all the media, but Howard beat mount saint Mary's. To the wizard and said, yeah, look at the build on the win Tuesday gets a sudden Kyle Kuzma. Who played hard and we competed and I hope that showed us, you know, we play hard and we compete. And our competitive spirit is high. We have a chance to be in every ball game. Wait, the jazz here tonight at Utah. And wrap your head around this, Major League Baseball teams have committed over 3.4 billion of free agents off season. The mets payroll is projected to be 385 million. Dave Judd be sports. 5 47 now, and nearly 107,000 Americans died of drug overdoses last year. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says it's a nearly 16% increase over the nearly 92,000 overdose deaths in 2020. The CDC also released a final report for overall U.S. deaths in 2021 and as previously reported more than 3.4 million Americans died that year or more than 80,000 more than the year before. Meanwhile, CDC data also confirms American life expectancy fell for a second straight year in 2021, the worst since the 1990s. Driven by accelerating COVID and drug overdose deaths in 2021, the CDC says its final mortality data shows U.S. life expectancy had indeed fallen for another straight year plummeting to the worst it has been since 1996. American life expectancy had already lagged behind most large and rich countries before the pandemic, and an analysis by the Kaiser family foundation earlier this month found the gap has widened, with most of America's peers around the world rebounding in the second year of the pandemic. That CBS News correspondent Alexander

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