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The foreign born actors cheating on the A. list singer Orlando bloom and Katy Perry so into lawyer really thought that Orlando bloom and Katy Perry would at least remain a couple until the baby was born but you know it might be a very close call considering that Orlando bloom is cheating on Katy Perry how are people cheating right now they're just doing it there's a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes you know it's so weird I'm such a rule follower and for me to understand why we love celebrity so much because we're like we're like wait we're naive yeah we are that's right gratefully so no I'm good with it I don't really want to know what's going on I want to think about it around the edges in the terms of pop culture but I don't want to know the cold hard truth of life great thank you hello Hey well that was fun thank you for those delicious wine Adams Holly I hope over the weekend the rain brings more so that next week we are water them see these lines away when we come back on the Culina Bradley show we've got a little publication trip around up what's a publication ship Bradley it's a relationship for publicity and emphasis on the poo we have to publication chips that we are going to tell you about one is Hey what's that he is Julianne Hough and Brooks lake and what's the other one we're going to a shootout with the shaft it's something you do in now that says Julian Schnabel and no one now it's Katherine Schwarzenegger and Chris Pratt there it is all right when we come back we'll update you on those publishing chips on my talk on a seven one listening to the radio doesn't always mean listening to the radio this is just us our community we're all finding new ways to find my topic and one of the best ways is on the my talking yes with headphones or Bluetooth speaker and get all those last few years to get in the car he's and here's another thing.

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