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And in the newsroom, here's maple Walker. It's currently overcast and seventy-one at O'Hare about twenty cameras have been put into operation in the last several weeks along the Eisenhower expressway with the intent to crack down on drug trafficking along, what a have long called the heroin highway seven mile stretch of the Eisenhower from downtown to oak park was chosen due to the sections history as an access route for drug users from the suburbs, and elsewhere to the west side to buy drugs, thirteen people, including the gunman were killed in yesterday's mass shooting in Virginia Beach. A man walked into a municipal building armed with a long gun and a forty five caliber handgun and began firing police chief James severa says the shooter won't have his name repeated. We do know who the suspect is, we have not been successful notifying certain family members. Once we. Able to do that we will release his name once we're going to mention his name once, and then he will be forever referred to as the suspect, because our focus now is the big money and respect to the victims in this case until their families, and abortion rights. Bill was passed by the state legislature Friday night, and his is to governor Pritzker for his signature Senator had had their seen says debate over the Bill was even handed from both sides. It's very, very sedate very respectful people feel very strongly about it, but there's still a week down our very collegial and note that despite our differences on this issue that we will be voting together on Nextel three people were wounded earlier this morning, and drive by shooting in the lawn del neighborhood, Chicago. Police said they were driving in the twelve hundred block of south Costner when someone in a red Chevy Impala fired shots. No one is in custody as area central. Detectives investigate sports, traffic and weather next on WGN. Rocking you take it for granted.

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